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You Should Watch Ellen Talk Show

Ellen DeGeneres, one of the most powerful celebrities in America.


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For Asians, she would probably less-known, while her Asian fans so adore the way Ellen has been on her show. No matter her romantic ways (sexual taste) are, Ellen is on high-ranked levels in many rankers.

One anonymous appreciating quote said that Everybody loves Ellen, and that’s one of the reasons she’s regained the top spot.


 writes on their site. “In March, 

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

 shattered its own 10-year ratings record in the episode that immediately followed her Academy Awards hosting gig, which also gave the awards its best ratings since 2004. And her star-studded Oscars selfie almost shut down Twitter when the photo has been the most retweeted ever.”!

Among TV hosts with high-ranked popularity, she is always there. Ellen has done a lot she loves to people who can easily feel it from the show. For whom working in media; TV, website, newspaper, radio or else, Ellen is a worth learning case.

Look why people love Ellen a lot.

Check what Ellen has, while the others do not have those yet.


 1. Her witty and humorous. Those have been produced with her cleverness.


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2. Ellen is a kind of assets of information person and a lady-of-improvise.

Scripts seem to be unnecessary on her show. Improvising is her best.


 3. She is down to earth and makes simple things become more interesting.


4. Audiences and her guests never feel embarrassed.

Ellen’s jokes are telling people to have fun about them. She could make fun of people without making them feel bad.


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5. She often allows her audiences to have participation on her show.

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 6. Audiences feel good deeds are really there.

The charity persuasion is strongly believed in humankind’s good faith. 

She has done a lot of charities, especially on giveaways.




7. Ellen is great on applying herself on any situation making people adore her.

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8. Her opened-character is considered acceptable for all kinds of guest and product.

Ellen has been seen working well with kids on the show.

She apparently loves bringing out kids on the show, almost talented and amazing lovely.

She also has excellent ways how-to-tie-in-ads on her show unlike irritating ways those others do.


 9. She’s true to herself, never afraid of admitting when she was wrong.


10. Ellen brings happiness to people.

When you have seen some people, who you want to watch whatever they do in your life, why not be that people?

If Ellen is one of those people, be Ellen to make others happy like Ellen has been doing it.