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10 Food in Koh Kred You Can Never Miss

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#1 Tawd Man Nor Gala (Mon style deep fried pasty)



#2 Khao Chae



#3 Thai Steamed Curried



#4 Traditional Thai Dessert



#5 Fermented Rice Noodle



#6 Thai Coconut Milk Custard



#7 Noodle



#8 Crisp Fried Flower



#9 Rice Flour Mixed with Toddy Palm and Shredded Coconut



#10 Cool Drinks in Hand – Thrown Terracotta Pot



Getting To Koh Kred

By Bus
• Take bus 33 from Sanam Luang or bus 166 from Victory Monument or a taxi to Pak Kret.

• Take ferry across the river (from Wat Sanam Neua to Koh Kred) (5 THB)

By Boat

• Take the Chao Phraya express boat to Nonthaburi (14 THB)
• From Nonthaburi, buy ticket on the longtail boat to Koh Kred

Information quoted on November 27, 2018


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