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12 Of Best Trekking Destinations in Thailand (2018)

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12 Of Best Trekking Destinations in Thailand (2018)

1# Mae Sariang

Highlights: Bamboo rafting, Karen villages, nature experience

Location: Mae Hong Son

GPS: 18.167301, 97.931689


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2# Soppong (Pang Ma Pa)

Highlights: Kayaking, Cave Lodge, hill tribe culture

Location: Mae Hong Son

GPS: 19.515704, 98.254029


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3# Phu Chi Fa

Highlights: Camping, one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints in Thailand

Location: Chiang Rai

GPS: 19.850725, 100.453217


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4# Doi Mae Salong

Highlights: Phra Borom Chedi Srinakarin Sathit Maha Santi Khiri, tea plantations, hill tribe villages

Location: Chiang Rai

GPS: 20.166391, 99.617222


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5# Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

Highlight: Beautiful panoramic view of nature and mountains

Location: Chiang Mai

GPS: 18.555929, 98.482251


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6# Doi Chiang Dao

Highlight: Spectacular view of mountain peaks

Location: Chiang Mai

GPS: 19.396998, 98.889976


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7# Phu Kradueng

Highlights: Anodard pond, Pha Mak Dook, sunset at Pha Lom Sak

Location: Loei

GPS: 16.871165, 101.845734


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8# Khao Yai

Highlight: Fertile forest with beautiful mountain views and waterfalls

Locations: Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Prachinburi and Nakhon Nayok

GPS: 14.439184, 101.372365


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9# Khao Sok

Highlights: Rafflesia, Khao Sok viewpoint, cave adventure

Location: Surat Thani

GPS: 8.915451, 98.528408


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10# Khao Luang National Park

Highlights: Khao Luang peak, Karom waterfall, wildlife and so on

Location: Nakhon Si Thammarat

GPS: 8.373815, 99.734572


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11# Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

Highlight: One of the most beautiful viewpoints in Krabi

Location: Krabi

GPS: 8.099199, 98.748388


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12# Mokoju Mountain

Highlights: Mae Krasa waterfall, Mokoju mountain peak, great view of forests

Location: Kamphaeng Phet

GPS: 15.923898, 99.094102


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