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8 Thai Souvenirs Reminding You of Thailand. You miss it, we know that.

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A visit to Thailand must be fun, exciting and adventurous, while may be found Thailand awful, stinky and out-of-mind. Many of tourists from other countries would spend time along tourist destinations where nice little cute souvenirs found, but many of Thais see it’d be better to be a smart souvenir shopper by think about something can be used at your hometown yet the products have got Thai souls offering exotic Thai feelings among the different hometown regular styles. 8 Thai Souvenirs Reminding You of Thailand.

Find the list below as guidline for getting things to remind you of Thailand.

1. Wooden carvings / Painting

Price: Depends on model
Shop: OODZO , Chiang Mai
Facebook Page: OODZO – Young artists inspired by the nature and the prides of the country. Available for online orders.


2. Dress 

Price: 300+ THB

Shop: Sensailaipha , Bangkok

Facebook Page: The designer has great creativity to match small pieces of different clothe nicely. Some of works are available at King Power Duty free shops at extra plus prices. Do a direct line to Facebook: Wiraya P. Turitakom

and Email:


3. Chili paste

Price: 97 THB / Jar

Shop:  DRAG , Kanchanaburi

Facebook Page: DRAG SPICY, a Thai chili paste cooker obtaining great feedbacks in Hong Kong. Thai chili pastes are used in Thai dishes cooking and having with Thai rice. Watch out ! unless you need to jump from the seat, choose the right ones suit your tongue.




4. Curry

Price: 40+ THB
Shop: Pabenfoods , Chiang Rai
Facebook Page: Pabenfoods, well-trained on business wises from a TMB’s training with their knowledge based on Thai taste, Pabenfoods’ chili pastes and products are also available in Sydney, Australia.

5. Dried fruit

Price: 450+ THB
Shop: Rai Dam Rong , Lamphun
Website: Raidamrong com, Damrong’s products have got great feedbacks in China.

6. Coffee

Price: 180 THB / Box
Shop: Deris Coffee , Songkhla
Facebook Page: Deriscoffee, with healthy basis ideas, Deris Coffee replace sugar (granulated sugar) in 3-in-1 coffee with Palmyra Palm offering great scents while drinking. Very popular in Kunming, China.

7. Handmade Bag / Key Chain

Price: Depends on model
Shop: Ninechaidee , Chiang Mai
Facebook Page: Ninechaidee, inspired by Thai elephants of northern Thailand, the artist creates cute elephant items for you to choose. Holding great feedbacks among touirsts in Chiang Mai.



8. Coconut Oil Product

Price: 100+ THB
Shop: Thai Pure , Samut Sakhon
Facebook Page: บริษัทน้ำมันมะพร้าวไทย Thaipure Coconut Oil

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