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7 recommended things NOT to do for a Thailand visit

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Tourism Authority of Thailand has been working hard on promoting Thailand’s great destinations and things to do here. However, there are some of misinterpreted messages delivered to many of tourists prior to their first-time visits as well as misunderstanding of the visitors themselves, since the cultural difference.

MThai English has realized about all of a not-to-do list and wants to share them here.

1. Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai are the places.

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Soi Bangla, Patong Beach, Phuket Cr.

Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai are on the top of the list every time Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) delivering a message on its tourism promotions, which would be possibly making Thailand’s guests get the wrong ideas that the places recommended might not be the places a visitor looking for.

Many of tourists could be disappointed when they were expecting a lot for indulging themselves in the Andaman paradise, but the actual scenes appear them in a crowded small city with international style of living, where Thainess has been hidden away.

As well as Pattaya, one is not supposed to expect Pattaya as a place to enjoy Thailand’s beauty, but crowded.

Chiang Mai has been changed a lot in 20 years back. Things found in Chiang Mai’s city center would be nice only for crowded lovers and souvenir shoppers. Elephant camps and natural scenery are far away out of the city.

Remember… Pattaya, Phuket, and Chiang Mai do not represent all of what Thailand really does neither do nightlife in Khao san Rd., Silom Rd. and Nana.

However, most of TAT’s campaigns i.e. Amazing Thailand, Unseen Thailand, Green and Slow Travel in Lanna that are offering different ankles of travelling in Thailand that are worth spending time.

2. Trust in the guide book brought from your home countries.

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Not very different among tourism promotions, Thailand travel guide books are not giving nice information; photo, happy activities and great places to stay that the readers can dream about doing those things during their holiday hours. However, please keep in mind that check the most updated versions please. Most of them are keeping modernizing themselves.

Remember… many of those guide books are out-of-date. Not very clever to trust all about what they say. The best way to be happy here, find out the most updated information from the TAT.

3. Elephant back riders are everywhere.

Ayuthaya elephant kraal resized

As prior mentioned about the guide books, elephant trekking is one among many Thailand’s exotic trips offered to tourists. All information about elephant back riding are making people think elephants are everywhere in Thailand, that’s impossible.

Remember… Get on the real world, to find an elephant camp, one needs to travel away from the city center or a bit hide-away spot where it can support the large creatures. A shopping plaza would not be located near an elephant spot. Many of them are located far in the forest that is suitable for trekking trips.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market is an only Thailand’s shopping paradise.

chatuchak mthai

If you are only visitor in Thailand, please do not spend lots of money on a Chatuchak market visit. Why not? – many of Thai style weekend markets, floating market and flea markets are also worth a visit.

Floating markets; Taling Chan floating market, Lat Mayom floating market nearby are very nice in terms of rural-Thai lifestyle, which the Chatuchak misses.

Here are some of Thai’s flea markets in Bangkok recommended

1. Flea market in Sri Nakarin or Talat nat Rot Fai, behind Seacon Square Department Store, where will find nice antique products, Thai style hand made stuffs, vintage clothes and many more.

2. Ratchada Flea Market, between Lat Phrao MRT – Ratchada MRT stations. Only Saturday nights, 18.00 – 24.00. You will be finding nice antique stuffs, second-handed items, home decor’, clothes and many more.

3. Kwan-Riam Floating Market (Bangkok’s first cultural floating market), Wat Bampen Neua (North Bampen Temple) – Wat Bangpeng Tai (South Bangpeng Temple), Serithai 60, Ramkhamhaeng 187, Minburi, Bangkok. Only weekends and official holidays, 07.00 – 20.00, Children, Elders and Disorders are welcome, for more info – 087-701-2878. To travel there; from Sukhapiban 2 road: bus # 27, air-con bus 502, from Sukhapiban 3 road: bus # 113, 58, air-con bus 113, 514.

5. Dive heaven?


Thailand is a very great diving center in Asia. It offers many in terms of types and spots since Thailand has two seas; the Gulf of Thailand in the east and Andaman sea in the west. Nice long beaches stranding both side of the peninsula dotting many places for diving.

Those are true, but the diving heaven is also located on a monsoon site, where diving cannot be done all year round.

6. Follow your dreams as seen on screens.

Phi Phi Island

The Beach may get people around the world a wonderfully adventurous picture of Thailand, while other films and series keep telling foreigners incomplete information and sometimes too much colourful, and even too wild to be true.


Get on the real world, please. For example, sexual misbehaved things; prostitution or sex selling in the street, sex shows in go-go bars, drugs are everywhere.


We do not refuse those are untrue, but those are happening here and so are all of the corners of the whole world. These things are found only in some parts of the whole country, where you call Red areas. Think about it, how can we live in such a dirty place like that for a long time?

Meanwhile, Chinese tourists have been alerted by Lost In Thailand, a Chinese movie telling how much fun they will be having, when they come to Thailand. The later influenced Chinese burst to the country through travel agents’ over-booked tours just after a while the film seen.

lost in Thailand

Trust in what you have seen in Hang Over II? You have the right to do that. We can say only if you start with the lexicons of drugs, alcohol related like hang-over, get drunk, how can you see the true pictures? Yes, Hang Over the movie has been showing blurry outlines of Thailand, just for fun.


Remember… It is similar to all other countries in the world that there are bad and good parts. Thailand has also got both dark and light sides.

7. Careless about transports.

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Cr. rsunews net

To plan everything from the information seen in a guide book could be possibly wrong. Keep in mind that Bangkok is one of the most traffic jammed cities in the world.

One plans to reach to Thailand at Suvarnabhumi International Airport then get to the hotel booked in Bangna-Trat, then travel to Wat Phra Kaeo in the morning, spend time till the afternoon, then travel back to the hotel and have a shower before getting again to dine on a Chao Phraya boat trip, ouch !, that is a dream. Travelling in such a bad traffic city like Bangkok is impossible to get things done on time.

Thailand’s trains are arbitraries. Not all of the train schedules, but foreigners could be noted and eventually learnt that under-standard service is possible resulting unexpected things.

Remember… when you travel alone, plan roughly, especially for getting around Bangkok.

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