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12 Thailand’s Goods Indian Visitors Buy as Gifts

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Shopping in a paradise or A shopping paradise may define Thailand, when one wishes to buy friends some gifts from abroad. Demands could be varied by the visitors’ taste that many of local Thais might never realize. Gifts can be anything, not only souvenir like a Muay Thai balloon pants, Tuk Tuk models nor even We Love Bangkok t-shirts, but there’re also something they find it’s worth to carry back home for really use. Over 1 million Indian visitors, among top-10 ranked visiting to Thailand in last 5 years, find something worth buying home. Check this out for what they carry to their home.

Balm – Monkey Balm (White Monkey Holding Peach Balm) or many of them prefer Tiger Balm.
Price: approx 6 THB (2g)
Shop: Local Shops / Supermarkets

White Monkey Holding Peach Balm
Tiger Balm

LCD television

Price: Several Prices
Shop: Supermarkets / Electrical Shops

Herbal Oils (Inhale for relaxing or smear at the sprained for relief)
Price: 40+ THB
Shop: Supermarkets or local night markets

Somthawin Yellow oil 

Aromatic InhalantPoysean (inhale for relaxing)
Price: 19 THB
Shop: Local Shops / Supermarkets


Durian Chips
Price: 399+ THB
Shop: Supermarkets

Bento Squid Seafood SnackBento brand
Price: smallest pax 5+ THB
Shop: Local Shops / Supermarkets

Bento Squid Seafood Snack

Seasoned Nuts; Tom yam goong, Shrimp paste, Fruity and more.
Shop: Local Shops / Supermarkets

Marucho Peanuts 

Herbal skin care products
Price: Several Prices
Shop: Supermarket

Chansawang Herbal Mask Powder 

Seasoning; things for getting food tasty; fish sauce, Sriracha chili sauce, Soy sauce and more.
Price: Depends on type and quantity
Shop: Local Shops / Supermarkets

Roza-Tomato ketchup 
Deksomboon – Light Soya sauce
Oyster sauce

Carving things
Price: 50+ THB
Shop: Market / Souvenir Shop / Fair

Parrot Natural Guard Soap / Shower Cream 
Price: Several Prices
Shop: Local Shop / Supermarket

Parrot Natural Guard Soap

Silver Jewelry
Price: Several Prices
Shop: Silver Jewelry Shops / Malls



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