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Learning Thai : Hua khon – Masks of Khon : What’s on the face?

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A Thai idiom, Hua Khon literally means head of the khon. Khon is one of great Thai performances playing mostly of Ramayana which most of the actors put the head-masks on. Only Rama and Lachman with some actresses show their faces with ornaments and makeup covering but Hua Khon.

Hua Khon
is head-masks that Khon’s performers put them on while preforming. A head-mask is only for a role and once they put it on, the performer acts the way the head-mask on the head. It has become a saying of Hua Khon or Len Tdaam Hua Khon, or play it what you wear on the head.

Wearing a Hua khon may be compared to an English idiom, wearing someone’s shoes or hat, when they have something to tell people what they are doing and have to be doing on what they are wearing.


Maan gaw khae Hua Khon = It’s just what one has to do according to their ranks or positions.

Khrai khrai gaw tdawng thaam tdaam Hua Khon thee sai. = Anyone has to do / perform as the rank or the position they are put on.

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