Ma-nut Pa Thai Slang มนุษย์ป้า

Thai Slang: Ma-nut Pa มนุษย์ป้า

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We wouldn’t be doing something gender discrimination to identify a kind of rude, socially ignoring while they’re kind of self-centered persons that Ma-nut Pa. The word, as Thai slang, has been being used widely among Thais for over 4 -5 years so far.

Learning Thai of MThai English should be explaining the term of it.

Ma-nut means human or people or persons.
Pa literally means aunt (s), while has been counting a woman of old look or old age, no matter if they are real aging as our mum/dad’s bigger sisters. The word Pa (ป้า) is identifying both of cited ones.

Pa, in English is a father, a dad, but this Pa is far different.


+Pa meaning 1 – mother’s or father’s older sister (s), or the relatives in the same generation as our parents but older than our parents, from the both sides of the parents.

+ Pa meaning 2 – as slang, it’s used for negative addressing a person that mostly found females who never care about manner, never care what it should be nice among the social life because they cares only about their comfort. They normally and naturally treat people bad. Talk bad, do bad, hate everyone and everything not going their ways.

An example of Ma-nut Pa could be Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) on The Proposal. Tate cares only about her own business. Yeah ! Considered a great manager (Book editor), Tate’s position was for her to point to anyone a bad, lazy or bad guy sleeping around with the girls he met. And her poor mind was revealed later that she was kind of lonely less loved girl.


In real life, we find in public that ones are sitting and putting their own belongings on next seat while the others also need the seat. Yes, they don’t even care how people look at them.

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Ma-nut Pa is everywhere even next to you. You can hear and witness the low manner they behave by talking too loud, shouting in the office just like in the street. Ma-nut Pas also stop by next to your desk spending 10 – 30 minutes office time to gossip somebody or a new promoted manager who they can only dream on. Ma-nut Pa would spend hours in the office walking around to use sarcasm anyone they can.

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Ma-nut Pas must have been so less loved third persons said about by people confronted them.

+ Fortunately, even though there is Ma-nut Loong (meaning Uncle), not for even-doing, but males can also be such the eewww, but Thais wouldn’t call them it, but lower and more hated than Ma-nut Loong.

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