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มีภาษาไทย !!

One of fun hashtags of Thailand’s social media players is #ความรักก็เช่นกัน or #aswellaslove, not very different from the Premier League’s score table, is always unstable and Thai fans are sleepless denying to get some sleep while their teams are going to lose or win, since Thailand’s one of huge fans of the UK Premier League playing in another part of the world.

MThai English’s last story about Thai names of 4 soccer players that many of us might never know they’re renamed in an unusual ways. Let’s see what Thai fans renamed these 6 guys in the fields.
* Please see the way they are sounding remedially their real names, not any meaning else.

1. Didier Drogba of Chelsea FC is renamed “Dawg Chaba” or Hibiscus



2. Mathieu Flamini of Crystal Palace is renamed ” Faa Ma Nee” Faa means sky. Ma nee means gems.






3. Aaron Ramsey
of Arsenal is renamed “Leam Sri”  Leam means sharpen. Sri means goodness.

4. Robin Van Persey
of Fenerbahçe is renamed “Per Sri” or Imagine

5. Bacary Sagna
of Manchester City is renamed “San Ya” or Promise

6. Samir Nasri
of Sevilla is renamed “Na Sri” or Na means uncle. Sri means goodness. 


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