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20 Beliefs about Dragon and Lion In Chinese Cultures

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Here comes the Chinese New Year festival.

Chinese New Year Parade Dragon 9

As a fact we know that most Thais are Chinese mixed in nationality, yet cultures blended. We just embraced and maintained both traditions altogether for many reasons in the long period of time, like worshipping the descendants and adapting things into better ways of living.

Anyway, one thing we never left behind is ceremony that consisting of beliefs in various shapes and ways. Like dragon and lion dancing which as well brought to this very Thai cultural context and influences on many across-country affairs of the society.

They originally came to our places so far seemingly from the same sources. Mainly, both are consequences to response people needs and beliefs through many events.

On this special occasion, MThai has listed up tales about Chinese dragon and lion dances.

Beliefs about Dragon Dances

1. A performance of dragon dancing brings happiness, prosperity and fame.

2. The longer the Dragon keeps dancing, the more fertility it will come.

3. In ancient times people believed that the dragon is the god of rain.

4. Sometimes Chinese perform a Dragon dancing in order to pray for rainfall.

5. In some beliefs, a Dragon dance may grant wish come true, especially for women with the desire of a child.

6. Green Dragons are preferred representing a harvest season and wealth.

7. Yellow Dragons symbolize the imposing and a respectful ruler of the land.

8. Gold and silver Dragons are believed bringing wealth and fertility.

9. A fail of a performer of Dragon dancing is believed causing failures to the whole.

10. Most common length (performers) of a Dragon always comes in odd number like 5, 9.

11. A Dragon dance can be performed in both day and night times.

12. There’s a performance called Pillar encircling Dragon means a continuation of knowledge.

13. In western area, it’s uncommon to see dragon climbing the top of high ladder due to the requirement of skills and experiences. Thus, we rather see this in most national events.

Beliefs about Lion Dances

14. A Lion dance is normally performed in the south of China.

15. Lion dances are performed in general events, not only for Chinese ones.

16. Lion faces are seen in two forms between newbie and the old mastered lion appearing in long grey whiskers and fangs.

17. Lion dances are often seen performed as a prayer for rainfall.

18. A performance called Lion fire crackers eating means the more fire crackers were eaten, the wealthier their business would get.

19. A mix of a Lion body with a Dragon head is known as Hak-kâ’s (a ethnic group of Chinese). They mostly come in green and red color.

20. Only 2 men are needed to perform a Lion dance, one for head and another for its tail.

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