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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is not a male dominated sport any more. It is extensively popular among women, not only Thais, but worldwide.

People may think beauty and a tough martial art could not get along. Women normally care much about getting hurts on skin and something damaging their look. Scared skin is a must-not. Only some of women love sports, while trying to keep their beauty. One of tough sports they love is Muay Thai.

Initially, the young ladies joined the rounds with hearts of sportiveness, yet they found eventually that Muay Thai is also for healthy giving nice shape to the players. Muay Thai has more influenced over lots of pretty young women from over a hundred countries as they joined the World Muay Thai Angels 2013, the first professional women’s international boxing championship that the final round will take place in February 2014 at Samui Island. (Read more : World Muaythai Angels postpones)

Deuannapa and Chommanee

MThai English met with last two Thai boxers challenging the World Muay Thai Angels 2013. Here is MThai English proudly presents, Chommanee Sor. Tehhiran and Deuannapa Mor. Rattanabundit, two pretty girls who have fell for Muay Thai.

Chommanee Sor. Tehhiran
Deuannapa Mor. Rattanabundit

The beginning: How did they start Thai boxing? How old were you at the time?

– Both of two beautiful girls have become a fighter by the persuasion of their family’s member.

“It was my older brother, a boxer, persuaded me to try Muay Thai when I was nine, later I have fell in love with it and continued the training.” Chommanee told MThai Inter.

While Deuannapa told MThai Inter that she was an athlete when she went to high school. She loves exercises and watching Muay Thai along with the persuasion of her uncle who loves Muay Thai and owns a boxing gym. She eventually joined the training when she was 12. After three months of training, she had her first boxing. “I enjoyed fighting on my first boxing stadium and my family has always given me a big support. For me, becoming a policewoman, meanwhile a Thailand’s representative in ASEAN Games and Olympics inspire me to be a boxer today” She added.

What is a charming of Thai martial art?

– Chommanee and Deuannapa proudly stated that strongly using almost every part of the body to fight is charmed them. Showing the powerful movement such as punching, kicking, foot-thrust and many more unique techniques is also the fascination of Thai martial art. “Muay Thai, an outstanding martial art is a good combination of strength and the gentle action of Wai-Kru ceremony” (the pre fighting ceremony to pay respect to revered teachers, spirits, boxing ring and sport itself.) Deaunnapa added.

Muay Thai looks like a violent sport, you two pretty girls are worried about getting hurts?

– Deuannapa gave us a smile and said she has never worried about getting hurts. She always concentrates during fighting with all her capability. When she got an injury, she has got a good treatment. A boiled egg is used to treat the bruised skin that is a secret.

– Chommanee said she is a bit worried about getting injured but she has never been seriously hurt. She softens the pain as well as bruised skin with a bag of herbs (also used in spas known as Look-pakob) and medicine when needed. She usually takes a good care of herself, especially her nice skin.

In addition, observe and learn the opponent’s boxing style is needed for both Deuannapa and Chommanee to self protect and to properly attack the rival with their unbeatable body weapons.

In terms of health, what advantages for training Muay Thai?

“I have got slimmer and firm body because of the training.” Chommanee said. She explained that the training gets your fat off keeping you a good shape.

“Muay Thai is absolutely good for health”, Deuannapa stated. She explained that moving most of the body parts is the way burning fat off giving ones a good shape as well as firmed muscles. Besides, Muay Thai training offers you healthy.

They also guaranteed that Muay Thai is a good healing some of illnesses. There were at least two people suffered from their unhealthy terms, and their symptoms have gone after the training.

What Muay Thai gives you, have your lives changed?

Chommanee told MThai Inter that dignity and reputation have come to her life.  Moreover, she has got money rewards for fighting.

Deuannapa said being a boxer provides her career, opportunities to see the world; become somebody, invited to do activities for social, education opportunity (an athlete scholarship at Rattana Bundit University). She also added that Muay Thai rewards her, what she could never expect; reputation, which also seen on television.

Who are your idols?

– Deuannapa spoke some names of boxers, Jomyuthying and Kratae as female boxing idols and Sitthisak as well as Sarawut as male fighter idols, since the four fighters have similar boxing styles to hers. She always observes their techniques to attack and self-defend.

For Chommanee, Phetneong, a boxer, is her idol as well as her own trainer. He does such skilled fighting on the ring.

What is your future plan?

– Chommanee told that she plans to stick with Thai boxing until she is 23 – 24 (if she can). She wishes to own a boxing gym that is also Deaunnapa’s wish. Deuannapa added that her gym would provide boxing courses focusing on health treatment and improvement.

Muay Thai is widely well-known and popular for both Thais and foreigners especially for women. More and more of females have started their boxing than before with more promotions of boxing matches. That’s a good idea for supporting female boxers the way males ones have and teaching Muay Thai is an effective way to promote a Thai cultural combat.

What awards do you most proud of?

“Youth Muay Thai Idol 2011 – 2012”. Chommanee said. While Deuannapa told that Youth Muay Thai Idol 2010 – 2011 is her favorite as well. She added that she is proud of wining the four titles and receiving the best Muay Thai boxer award.

What is your best weapon?

– “Right elbow slashing is my best weapon” Chommanee explained that two opponents whose eye sockets were hurt by her effective elbow.

“I am skilled in the right side weapons.” Deuannapa said that a right straight punching as well as a right kicking are her best proficient weapons to attack the opponents.

What do you think about the foreigners’ attitudes towards Thai martial art?

“Lots of foreigners fall in love with our unique fighting.” This is the same statement uttered from the two fighters. They are interested in particular tactics of Muay Thai. Many of them would like to learn and drill Muay Thai. Deuannapa also added that her brother-in-law who is her trainer as well is hired to train Muay Thai for Chinese boxing athletes. This is probably an evidence to claim that Muay Thai is widely reputed among foreigners.

Muay Thai Angel

Chommanee said that she always tries to show her own boxing style with all her abilities on the battle ring, in order to impress the foreigners with hope they get inspired to train Muay Thai.

Wish the two pretty Thai boxers to become the first woman world Muay Thai champions.


1.  Chommanee Sor. Tehhiran


Birthday : August 9, 1995     Age : 19

Nationality : Thai

Religion : Islam

Chommanee, a lovely young lady who is shy when she has to deal with beauty (even she was once a candidate of beauty contest) but she is brave to stand on the ring and strongly fight with the opponents. It sounds incredible for general women. She loves Muay Thai and seriously train so she decided to stop her education at Rajabhat University in the Faculty of Political Science attempting to concentrate her boxing skill. She is good at not only Muay Thai but also international boxing styles. She has got the Best Boxer Award when she was 13.

2. Deaunnapa Mor. Rattanabundit


Birthday : April 16, 1994  Age : 19

Nationality : Thai

Religion : Buddhism

Deaunnapa, a beautiful young lady knocked her opponent out at the first fight !!. She loves sports and has been Muay Thai boxing since she was 12. Thus her uncle owns the boxing gym as well as her brother-in-law is a boxing trainer offering her good opportunities to drill Muay Thai properly. At the moment, she has studied in the Faculty of Business Administration at Rattana Bundit University or Mor Rattana Bundit which is her alias in boxing.

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