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10 Thai souvenirs recommended taking home

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Ones do not miss to take some of them home. Thailand is one of impressive places of the world. Visiting it would be a great vacation ever for lots of foreign tourists. To get all of your good and rather bad experiences reminded when you arrive home, why not take home some of souvenirs recommended you must not miss?

1. Tuk Tuk model (Model rot tuk tuk)

Tuk Tuk Toy Cr. youtube

Tuk Tuk riding is one of fun things to do. Not only foreign tourists love it, even Thai people are having fun and good times taking a trip on a Tuk Tuk. Even good or bad time with the Tuk Tuk driver took you around areas of tourist spots, but I am sure most of you should be impressed.

2. Clay pot (Maw din)

clay pot 1

Clay pots are hardly seen in modern Thai kitchens. Only some of them have it, while it is used for more specific purposes. Clay pots are giving nice scent to food cooked in it; Thai rice is an example, when you could find rice cooked in a clay pot with wonderfully aromatic scent.

3. Thai jasmine rice (Khao-khao hom mali)


For ones love cooking, why don’t you take some Thai jasmine rice for cooking at home? It is unexaggerated to say that Thai jasmine rice is second to none among kinds of aromatically scented rice in the world.

4. Thai perfume (Nam-ob)

Nam-ob Cr. nangloy com

Nam-ob is Thai style perfume used in daily life. Nam-ob was produced and widely used only among royal family and palace servants. In the ancient time, when Thailand was called Siam, Thai people used Nam-ob for multi-purposes since they were born till the end. Sweet and soft character of Nam-ob represents oriental senses used in Thai spas you would miss.

5. Thai scent bag (Bu-nga-ram-pai)

Another aromatically scented souvenir from Thailand recommended is called in Thai Bu-nga-ram-pai. Not long lasting scented like chemically mixed scented perfumes, yet for one would like taking back to the time spent in Thailand, it is a good souvenir.

Thai scent bag Cr. youtube

6. Thai loincloth (Pa kao ma or pa kah ma)

Pa kao ma is a traditional custom Thai cloth, much more found used among Thai rural males. It is widely used, since it is multi-functional garment. Pa kao ma is a nice gift for also fashion-lovers, DIY lovers and anyone creating things from fabric.

7. Batik or Batek, also Pateh (Pa Batig)

Pa Batik Cr. youtube

Pa Batik is also called. Pa Batik is southern Thai style of garment. It is a kind of tie-dye garment, but dotted by hot paraffin (melted candle) to create designs mostly are colorful fish, sea water and so on. Ones who love bright-colour garment should take some home.

8. Muay-Thai pants (Gang-geng Muay Thai)

Muay-Thai pants Cr. youtube

One of some greatly popular souvenirs purchased on E-bay. Cute colourful pants are nice to own to remind you the vacation spent in Thailand.

9. Thai kite (Wao Thai)

Thai kite

Kite is Wao in Thai. Thai kite is one of cute gifts with colourful designs and shapes. Fly a kite here and take some home is a way to remind you the time in Thailand. Wherever your home is, remember we are under the same sky.

10. Thai banknotes, and coins (Ngern-Thai, Thanabat Thai and rian-ngern Thai)

Thai Baht

This set of souvenir is quite easy. Why not check MThai Inter’s Thai banknotes and coins? Each item has got places and people printed on could take you back to the time you were here.

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