3 Things Thais & Indians Do soo Similar (Part I)

Thailand and India are good friends in many aspects. Not only the modern age friendship, but the similarities between two nations are also rooted for thousand years after Thailand then was Siam influenced by Khom, whose customs were also rooted by Hindu ways.
Thai Buddhism is considered the father of all these people lived in Suvarnabhumi; Khom and others, while the mother was Hindu, said Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. The religions are always ways of living without being recognized. All religious matters were gradually absorbing into people’s lives; languages and some more cultural parts.
The likeness between Thai and India are recognizably featured whether the birth to the end of their lives.

9 Toppings Making Thai Ice Creams Different

Ice cream is considered a lovable food of most of people around the world. Ice cream topping is what both decorating and taste bettering. Europeans would have their domestic fruits topping their ice cream, while the ways they consume it are different. Thailand, among tropical countries, has something different to make their ice creams greater the ways they can.

12 Amazing Owl Images Created by Sasi Smit

Sasi Smith, a Thai photographer, who loves in natures, has been generating great works of those spirits.
Smith, recently released a set of owl photographs, which his attempts to show the world how nice those owls are, including using graphical works to his real photos.