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Muay Thai in Kelantan is set to distinguish known as Kelantan Boxing. Almost every weekend night, one of a district clubs has held championship flights, attracting more young people in the state.

More than 30 boxing rings, 30 clubs and more than 3,000 members registered under Kelantan Boxing Association, Mohd Kamil Ismail, the Kelantan Boxing Association secretary said.

“The teenagers here are sticking with the sport. To undergo the training here every night except Friday night is what they are willing to do.”

Mohd Kamil said the sport has also appointed teenagers in healthy activities and prevents them from getting involved in social ills.

He said the emphasis on discipline during training also strengthened the character of youths and they are more respectful of others especially parents and school teachers.

Mohd Kamil, who is also Pulai Chondong Sports Association chairman, has also established a boxing ring to hold 50 students at any one time near his house since 10 years ago to help youths learn the sport in the district.

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is a Thai national self-defense and martial art used for fighting in wars. Muay Thai has been one of Thai cultural symbols, well-known among westerners for decades, while Muay Thai gyms have been set up in hundreds of North American and European main cities.

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