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Too less tickets paid? There comes the new law

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When a new traffic law is going to be applied, why it is assumed a wrong way to operate “nice roads” or “heaven-like drive”? Just because of less tickets given by the police got very slightly paid. Pichai Ratanadilok Na Phuket, a social development lecturer at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) said many of Thai people see this decision making of the Prime Minister might be wrong for enforcing the new law just to have the police making more money that it might lead to huge bribe.

After it’s rather fail in huge income making from tickets giving in 2015 – 2016 that the tickets were paid 29 and 11 % respectively, then the police persuaded the Department of Land Transport (DLT) to halt the renewal of automobile registration to the ones with the police tickets, yet the DLT refused to do that since the laws of transportation never enforce the renewal of automobile registration the way the police just asked them.

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Unfortunately, the Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Chan-O-cha agreed with the police for some reasons, holds the magic sword of Section 44, the absolute power to allow the police running the rule assumed by the police that it will create a nice road or heaven-like drive to Thailand and it’s possible for the police to earn more fine money, but the world would not be as we expect.

Bribes of “outside paying” when the drivers caught without an automobile registration renewed and deeper in Thai people’s hearts, the haters of the police will sure be increasing. They are anyhow never friends.The loath will be spreading to the government of Loong Too (Uncle Too – an adorable Gen Prayuth’s nickname) and transformed to I-do-not-care feeling to the leader.

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The more income expected would not be like they expect, but the new law could allow the darkest side of bribe as if it’s lawful. Come on… Loong Too please fix this the way it should be.

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