King Bhumibol, 89, Peacefully Passes Away

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King Bhumibol, 89, has passed away today at Siriraj Hospital, said by the Bureau of the Royal Household.

nai luang
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The most mournful announcement made in the afternoon of October 13, 2016 by the Bureau of the Royal Household, leaves Thailand the darkest day by the news of the King Bhumibol’s pass away.

He had suffered refraining health and spent extended times at Siriraj Hospital with intimately treatment and caring since 2006.

He was born at Cambridge Hospital (now Mount Auburn Hospital) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, on December 5, 1927.

As gratefully called Nai-Luang, the King Bhumibol was crowned King of Thailand on May 5, 1950. At the Royal Palace, Bangkok, he vowed that he would “reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people”

(“เราจะครองแผ่นดินโดยธรรม เพื่อประโยชน์สุขแห่งมหาชนชาวสยาม”)

“Rao ja krawng pan-din doy dhamma peau prayod-sook haeng maha-chon chao Sa-yam”

The King Bhumibol is highly revered by the people in Thailand and also beloved by people around the world brought up the popular phrase We Love the King – Rao Rak Nai-Laung.

Cr. Page เรารักพระเจ้าอยู่หัว