Dozens of Livestock in Nan Province killed by thunderbolts

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Heavy summer storms, recently, were lashing all over Northern Thailand, reported it killed 18 cows and some more other livestock in

Nan province

Kamnan Thoon Nusupha, Head of Tha nao Sub-district and the owner of a farm said that the heavy storm hit his farm and got some of his livestock killed.

“10 times of thunderbolt killed our 11 pigs during the heavy rain; 4 piglets and 7 pigs.” Kamnan Thoon said.

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While the other farms are suffering from the damages of the storms, president of Thanao Sub district Administrative Organization (Aw.Baw.Taw Thanao), Bundit Wittayan, started his surveys of pork demand in the markets nearby to support those farmers’ business.

After the scene, the cause of dead among the cattle was reported the repeatedly hitting


toward large forestry plants around there including high trees are pulling the electricity towards the livings nearby; pigs, cows kept by the farmers.

Cr. youtube; the pig in his shock.