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10 Places Lone-wolves Find Their Love

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Guess where people usually find their couples? This sounds like an unresolved question to many of you, right?

This coming Valentine’s Day might be a worst day ever for somebody watching lovers spending time together, while they are so lonely (even they are trying to calm themselves down with a claim – Oh I am a lone wolf, needs no one).

Anyhow, do you believe it could happen anywhere anytime since your first step out of the door (or even in your place)? There’re always chances for you to meet your future significant other or even soul mate.You just haven’t known where the one is. Look around, that one might be there behind you.

MThai English has brought you 10 places most people probably meet their true love, maybe the next one is gonna be you!

Let’s try these out

1. Cafés

Most chilling place to kickback with your companion laptop or a classic novel while sipping favorite cups amidst brewing sound and fragrant scents. We suggest you a little trick.

Bring yourself with an extension lead, and you will see how it really works!

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2. Gyms

Where eye candies are gathered, you would definitely not deny yourself glancing once those bulky muscles body passing around. Perhaps, you would get a personal trainer for dates.

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3. Libraries

If you are the one who loves to meet an educated one, this place will be for you, in which doctor-to-be, graduate students or engineers might be gathered up here. You just pretend to be a bookworm asking someone around for helps like searching books, then make friends and share topics together.

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4. Parties / Pubs / Nightclubs

Nice place here, for people who love nightlife. It doesn’t matter whether you are a heavy alcohol drinker, the friendliness really does. Time to make friends with strangers, maybe they’re friends of your friends or a friends of your cousins. It’s all possible, you never know what you can do till you try.

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5. Concerts

Everybody loves music, don’t you? How it feels good to join the activity among people with same taste of music, plus emotional involvements. While music tuned up, just swing your hip and butt around the one you don’t really know, sparkling eyes on eyes to each other.

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6. Restaurants

Oh! Is this place really for that hungry stomach? Always not! Some people might come alone and you’re the one of them. Try looking the close table to single one, maybe this would turn to a dinner date of yours, who knows?


7. Temples

Sounds unbelievable strange, but it’s true since coming to make merits, correcting good deeds are signs of nice people. Everyone loves nice people, don’t you?

Try spending the time there especially on special events with mass like light waving rite (wian tian) or joining sacred rituals and ceremonies


8. Offices or at work

Yes, you can do no wrong here. Most people normally do, like in college life that’s simple as that, no matter with coworkers, both newcomers and juniors even with your solemn boss. Perchance, there would be something more great chance to win such a lottery.


9. Tourist spots

It all depends. Beaches, waterfall, mountains or anywhere people love to go. Pluck up your courage and go ahead! There you will see people are having fun, why don’t you try too.

Weather permission, this would be a memorable trip of you and a lucky-guy-to-be.

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10. Social networks

No making efforts are needed on this place and this is the most effective one since people get used to facilities and prefer having easy life, or you can call this “Laziness”.

Facebook, Tinder and other seek-a-mate website of which provides various kinds of people across the world, are almost nice place to meet up at the same while you are doing anything.

However, these are not confirmed to be “true love” since some cases claim distance really does matters.

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Anyway soon or later, in whichever way, we believe there should be the one that fits us right away. Everyone deserves the good one in life.

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