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14 Traditional Things To Do During Vegetarian Festival

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#1  No killing any living things and avoid eating meat products

#2  Do not eat strong tasting foods, not too spicy, sweet, salty or sour

#3  Avoid five strong-smelling vegetables which are garlic, Elephant Garlic, onions, Garlic chives, tobacco leaves as well as strong spices.


#4  No stealing

#5  No lying

#6  No alcohol


#7  No sex or adultery

#8  No gambling

#9  No wearing jewelry or leather goods

#10 People should preferably wear white during the festival


#11  Pregnant and menstruating women should not attend rituals

#12  Kitchen utensils and containers should be kept individually for the festival (no sharing)


#13 Behave properly, both physically and mentally

#14 Practice the Five Precepts or rules of morality



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