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Lampang Ceramics, Thailand’s Nice Gifts Recommended

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Kaolin or China clay sources around Thailand, is call Din khao (White soil), while white soil could be found in 2 types the hard one and the soft one. The hard one is the soil resisting 1200 – 1800 cc heat, while the soft one is a part of old-Thai style of cosmetics. Lampang province, a nice Northern city of Thailand, is famed for its kaolin, which re-announced by the bowls with cock printed-on (Thais may call it Chaam Tra Gai). Lampang ceramic products have been known for ages as the original place of kaolin made to kitchen wares, gifts and nice things people can imagine.

*Din khao or Kaolin is found resourcing around Thailand, while Lampang and Chiang Rai are 2 among the high quality soil resources of the mountainous areas in the region.


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