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BaanKrua Silk Goes London, of course, Around the World

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Immigrated from the East of ancient Siam since 1770s to settle in Bangkok then Phranakorn under the reign of the Rama I, Khaek BaanKrua or Muslim BaanKrua has proposed Siam the great skills of making lithe silks for the Royal family since then.


With great gratefulness to the throne of Chakri dynasty, under the reign of King Chulalongkorn, the immigrants become a part of loyal people of Siam settling nearest then royal palaces in Bangkok started demonstrating the old family skills in silk making and found by Jim Thompson for ages, they have become a part of JT’s shareholders. Not many people recognize the original JT’s great silks are made by the community of BaanKrua who this year dealt by Daks, London for its new collections.


Niphon Manuthas, the silk group Head of BaanKrua told MThai English that it’s a great opportunity for modern Thai silk makers with the deal of BaanKrua and Daks, London and furthermore Leuang Sirindhorn, natural yellow tone of silk newly invented, which the name given by Princess Sirindhorn.



“Our modern styles of Thai silk we have made so far have diversified the way Thai silk were looked. Look at them, you can see how well worldwide fashionable they look.” Said Khun Niphon.


Daks, earlier, contacted us to find out if we can make the style of silk the way Dak’s signature is, with BaanKrua’s hand-weaved style, yes, we create this style of silk by hand-weaving yard-on-yard at BaanKrua.” He said.



Khun Niphon also told MThai English about the pride of Leuang Sirindhorn newly silk made for Princess Sirindhorn.


“We have invented a new tone of yellow silk to honorably propose to Princess Sirindhorn. At this moment we further hope Thai silk made by all of Thai silk makers will be initially worn by the PM and the cabinet and go down to all officers and Thai people in their daily lives.”


Nothing stop BaanKrua’s silk makers, when they consider making great silk the same thing as making their own spirits happy and fulfill.


“We have been far beyond from the point of survival. We are doing this for our happiness offering nice silks to people.” Khun Niphon said.


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