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Among Asian people, natural bright skin races, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans look sooo alike, lots of Hollywood films often annoy lots of Asians by understandably mistakes of Asian roles, since they just put a Korean guy in a role of Chinese or Chinese women go ways of Japanese old ladies. We see the same things on Thai media that any Canadian could sit in a role of a British soldier. Any look can be messed on the films but the Asian looks can’t mess Thais.

MThai English, with our skills of categorizing the races by their looks and manners, has listed ways to distinguish Chinese, Koreans and Japanese as below.

1. Face Shape

Chinese      : Most of them have got round faces.

Koreans      : Many Korean males have square face.

Japanese    : Not very specific shapes of them, but their skin looks healthier.


2. Eyes – small eyes and one-eyelid shape found in most of them.

3. Eyebrows

Chinese and Japanese:  Curved and thin eyebrows drawn.

Koreans        : Natural-look eyebrows, rather big-ban eyebrows and natural-shaped.

Japanese and Korean Males: normally get their eyebrows shaved from the barber shops.

Koreans eyebrows style – tumblr

4. Skin and makeup

Chinese        : Bright-looked skin tone, rather looks yellow and pale with fine look. Not much makeup.

Koreans        : Very brighten with cosmetics covered and fine and natural look.

Japanese      : Healthy skin, look more natural with blushed cheeks. Many of Japanese women do nothing much of makeup, but eyebrows drawing.

5. Teeth

Chinese      :  Normal teeth.

Koreans     :  Many of them get braced and cared by dentists for nice looked teeth.

Japanese   :  Many Japanese have “canine teeth”, most are natural, not very medically arranged.

Japanese’s teeth – Youtube

6. Body Shape

Chinese    : Normal.

Koreans   : Many of them look skinny, very thin legs. Many of Korean men are 6-feet tall or taller.

Japanese : Normal and rather firm with pointed-in feet walk.

Japanese girls – tumblr

7. What to wear

Chinese      :  Colorful things.

Koreans      :  Brand-name products preferred.

Japanese   :  Good quality textiles and plain wears but special mixed and matched and ornamented.

Korean man – tumblr

8. Hair coloring

Chinese      : Nothing specific or characterized.

Koreans      : Naturally dark hair with fringed, many of them found highlighted or colorized.

Japanese     :  Fringed dark or dyed both short and long.

9. Manner

Chinese       : Loudly and competitively.

Koreans      : Standing for themselves with rather loudly expressions in social life.

Japanese   : Very behaved people with calm and quiet manner.

Japanese girl – Youtube

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