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What People Get For Gods And Spirits In Return In Thailand

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What the heck? Almost of spirit houses found in Thailand have something we might have said that. And you might have got the answer, It’s for what they promises and made a deal with the Gods or the spirits.

Many of visitors have found or visited Buddhist temples and might have seen something relate to spiritual things such as people bringing fruits, boiled eggs, or big piles of jasmine garland to offer to a Buddha image in a temple. And if you travel along the street, you would be getting surprised as you see an array of spirit houses, even sometimes you find a group of zebra models along roadsides or near shrines.

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Wondering why Thais have to bring or offer things to the Buddha or Gods, well to other spirits sometimes? It could be explained that it’s because they made votive offerings to the Gods. So when their wishes come true, they have to come back at the place and bring something for Gods in return.

What people offer (Tha-wai – holy offering) the Gods in return are what they believe the Gods would prefer. It could be normal things such as fruits, flowers or even cosmetics.

MThai English has brought you some photos of the gifts offered to the Gods and other spirits in return found in Thailand. Some of them might amaze you, let’s check them out.

# Thai traditional dancing, the Erawan Shrine

MThai English
MThai English

# Millions of jasmine garlands at Phra That Doi Kham Temple, Chiang Mai

Jasmine garlands
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# Zebra models at Ta Yai Shrine (ศาลตายาย), Muangtong Thani

Zebra models spirit house
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# Giraffe models near the shrine at King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok

Giraffe shrine
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# Spirit houses, zebras and other animals models at Chao Por Khun Tan Shrine, Lampang

Instagram atika19
Instagram atika19

# Bottles of pop for the spirit house

Instagram berry_borh
Instagram berry_borh

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