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2015 is going to say us goodbye, there comes the 2016.

The years have not only left us one more year of age, but they have also done that to our pets. However, a year of humans is getting dogs 7 years of their lives.

Our dogs get 7 times older faster than us. Only 5 years of them, compared to us, they could become 35 years old guys/ladies. Even the ages are increasing, those once little puppies are still our little friends.

MThai English

has brought 16 + 1 of senior dogs, who are still as cute as puppies.


Name: Khun Thong daeng, assumed a Thai-super Basenji.

Age: 17 years and 39 days. In memory of us <3.

Thong Deang, the most famous royal dog, is best known as Miss Thong deang or Khun Thong deang (means copper) has just passed away with her long and happy life, 17 years and 39 days. Like all dogs, Khun Thong daeng was always giving her all loyalty to the King Bhumibol. She has always reminded us only the love and loyalty.

khun thongdaeng Facebook 2
Cr. Teeru Facebook


Name: Dakota, female black lab.

Age: 12 to 13 years old.

Cr. blacklab_dakota

Guarding the western front?

Ok_blacklab_Guarding the western front blacklab_dakota
Cr. Blacklab_Dakota


Name: Foster, male.

Age: 16 years old.

“Soon to be 16 year old Foster celebrating his third “last” Christmas. He’s totally deaf, has cataracts in both eyes and at the moment in dire need of a bath!…” – 22tone

Ok_Deaf Foster 16_22tone
Cr. 22tone instagram


Name: Kama, male.

Age: 14 years old.

Cr. napieknewlosy instagram
Cr. napieknewlosy instagram


Name: Gypsy, female Lab and husky mix.

Age: 13 years old.

“… taking a selfie with my family’s 13 year old rescue dog! So glad she’s still with us!” – bencathers

Ok_Gypsy Lab and husky mix_13_bencathersOceanside New York
Cr. bencathers instagram


Name:  Gracie, female Chocolate lab.

Age: 12 years old.

Ok_Her name is Gracie and she is 12 years old_d4rkh3art
Cr. d4rkh3art


Name: Nacc Mac Feegle, female.

Age: 11 years old.

“My furbies get to play in the empty Christmas boxes. Nacc Mac Feegle thinks that this box is the best because she thinks that the term HONEYBAKED describes how sweet she is, plus it smells like ham. Lol!” – sarahanunn

Ok_Nacc Mac Feegle is 11 she'll be 12_sarahanunn
Cr. sarahanunn instagram


Name: Scooby, male.

Age: 15 years old.

“Old scooby 15 years old in jan!” – gwynne1948

Ok_Old scooby 15 years old in jan_heather_gwynne1948
Cr. gwynne1948 instagram


Name: Nestle, male.

Age: 10 years old.

Did you see that squirrel???” – Nestlebear

Ok_His name is Nestle, and our best guess is he is about 10_nestlebear
Cr. nestlebear instagram


Name: Lucy, female German Shepherd mix.

Age: 11 years old.

Road tripping 😎✌🏼🐶” – lisabromiley

Ok_lisabromiley This is Lucy. She's a German Shepherd cross & she's 11 years old_lisabromiley
Cr. lisabromiley instagram


Name: Pee Bo, male Spitz.

Age: 12 years old.

Ok_P'Bo2_Facebook Chutimadee Katmanee
Cr. Facebook Chutimadee Katmanee
Ok_P'Bo3_Facebook Chutimadee Katmanee
Cr. Facebook Chutimadee Katmanee


Name: Pupper, female.

Age: 14 years old.

“She is rapidly losing her vision and hearing. The vet diagnosed her with cancer and said she only had about 6 months. That was 3 years ago and she’s still going strong!” – marycanary02

Ok_Pupper. She'll be 14 in Feb. She is rapidly losing her vision and hearing. The vet diagnosed her with cancer and said she only had about 6 months. That was 3 years ago and she's still marycanary02
Cr. marycanary02 instagram


Name: Shadow, male Golden retriever.

Age: 13 and a half years old.

I literally get fuzzier and softer with age 🐶❤️” – Shadowpooch

Cr. shadowpooch instagram


Name: Drake, male most likely Shepherd mixed with golden retriever.

Age: “… He is so old that sometimes we have to poke him to check if he is alive. But happy dog day to Drakey.”

– crazychickenlady 105

“Old dog had a really big day. He can barely keep his eyes open. <3” – crazychickenlady 105


Ok_crazychickenlady 105_ McCullough Lake
Cr. crazychickenlady 105 instagram


Name: Xena, female Border Collies.

Age: Nearly 10 years old.

“With great age comes great pushiness… nearly 10 and still a crazy puppy.” – ckwikkixena

Cr. ckwikkixena instagram


Name: Kita, female Pug.

Age: 12 years old.

Can we go outside now, please?” – wheelingndealing

Cr. wheelingndealing instagram

#17 plused

Name: Unknown, seemed to be a very lonely old guy. :'( nobody cares.

Age: Unknown.

“I was giving him a smiley hello :), look at his lips though ha ha ha. Someone told me that I might be the first and only one in the world took his photo.” That sounded very sad to me!!” – BruteeAnand

Ok_old dog_Habitown
Cr. brutee facebook