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24 Prettiest Rainbows to Make Your Day

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Natural phenomena are nice being witnessed. Thunderbolts, Solar and Luna eclipses, even rains and snows are great seeing. One of colorful natural made things is rainbows.

MThai English has selected 24 prettiest rainbows to make your day.

Good to know about a rainbow – courtesy of wikipedia

A rainbow is a phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky, taking the form of a multicoloured arc, caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.

Rainbows can be full circles; however, the average observer sees only an arc formed by illuminated droplets above the ground, and centered on a line from the sun to the observer’s eye.

A rainbow’s arc shows red on the outer part and violet on the inner side. This rainbow is caused by light being refracted when entering a droplet of water, then reflected inside on the back of the droplet and refracted again when leaving it, while a double rainbow, a second arc is seen outside the primary arc, and has the order of its colours reversed, with red on the inner side of the arc.

#1  Mani peninsula, Greece

GREECE - AUGUST 04: Mountainous landscape and a rainbow, Mani peninsula, Peloponnese, Greece. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
(Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

#2  Turky

Rainbow and a single tree
(Getty Images)

#3  Australia

(Getty Images)

#4  New Zealand

Bavarian farmland with a rainbow in the sky
Bavarian farmland with a rainbow in the sky

#5  Venezuela

(Getty Images)

#6 Brazil

(Getty Images)

#7 Albania

(Getty Images)

#8  Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe

Entrance to Nyanga National Park, near Nyanga, Eastern Highlands Zimbabwe
(Getty Images)

#9  England

UK, England, Derbyshire, Rainbow in field
(Getty Images)

#10  Finland

Scenic View Of Rainbow Over Grassy Field Against Mountains
(Getty Images)

#11 Oregon, The United States

USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, rainbow over field of tulips
(Getty Images)

#12  Spain

A tractor drives past the halo of a winter rainbow on a very cold day in the field outside Minsk on December 2, 2014. The halo is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating colored or white arcs and spots in the sky, formed in very cold weather when ice crystals called diamond dust are floating in the nearby air. AFP PHOTO / MAXIM MALINOVSKY (Photo credit should read MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images)
(Photo credit should read MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images)

#13  Chiangmai, Thailand

CHIANGMAI, THAILAND - 2011/11/19: Sankamphang Hot Springs are set amidst stunning surroundings of spectacular hillsides and large; shady trees in a splendid 40 acre lush park which has been beautifully landscaped.; The water comes from a source deep beneath the ground and is near 100 degrees centigrade as it surfaces. There are streams that carry the hot water around the park which make perfect places to either dip your feet into; or immerse yourself completely.; The high sulphur content of the water is known to assist in the cure of many diseases and also helps improves blood circulation; so the springs are the perfect Chiangmai day trip for to get out into the nearby countryside; have a dip in the springs; and roam around the nature park.. (Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by John S Lander/LightRocket via Getty Images)

#14  Tuscany, Italy

Rainbow over Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy
(Getty Images)

#15  Manitoba, Canada

Rainbow and bales after prairie storm at sunset near Cypress River, Manitoba, Canada.
(Getty Images)

#16  British Columbia, Canada

Daffodil farm under rainbow, Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
(Getty Images)

#17 Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

View over flower meadow to rainbow, near Freiburg im Breisgau, Black Forest, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
(Getty Images)

#18  The United States

A thunderstorm produces a vivid rainbow next to a rain-soaked paved road.
(Getty Images)

#19  Ballymena, Northern Ireland

Dundermot Mound near Ballymena in Northern Ireland.
(Getty Images)

#20  Hawaii

Rainbow over Church
Rainbow over Church

#21  Germany

Rainbow above meadow and trees at lake Staffelsee, Upper Bavaria, Germany, Europe
(Getty Images)

#22  Scotland

(Getty Images)

#23  Missouri, The Midwestern United States

(Getty Images)

#24 Alberta, Canada

Circular rainbow behind building in agricultural landscape
(Getty Images)

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