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10 Email Mistakes You Might Have Done

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Email has become one of major communications for these-day business. Unfortunately, It’s never been trained how to use it properly the way we use smartphones and other social networks.

MThai has grabbed what most mistaken emails are for sharing and learning. Check these out if they or some of them are what you have been doing or ever done.

1. Address the persons and close wrong.

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– Make sure about their titles.

Mr, Mrs or Ms, Dr., Hi Sandra, Hello Jonathan, or what?

– Closings’re advised to be less formal and use them as part of the conversation. For example; ‘Thanks for passing on that Information,’ ‘Good luck in your endeavours,’ or ‘Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.’

2. Vague subjects.

Subjects are everything. An email is bringing must-tell messages. Get things in brief and valued as the subject.

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3. Giving unnecessary information.

If you just want to give the person (s) some information, give them the information. Tell the recipients what you have to tell. Let’s get to the point.

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4. Play with your recipient (s).

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– Can u send me the feedbaxk?


– Thx Rick


– Using too many emoticons 🙂 :'( <3 :/ :> T_T

5. Send out incorrect and incomprehensible grammar and spelling.

– Any language you speak, make it correct.

– Make sure your communication is consistent and comprehensible. Make sure you use correct grammar and spelling.

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6. Never double check, before sending the email.

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7. Never know how to use To, CC and BCC.

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8. Never care about Reply or Reply all.

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10. Being too formal, while Being too informal too quick.

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