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10 Ideas for New Year’s Resolutions Stepping to AEC

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1. Improve your English skills

Obviously, this would be a real obstacle for most of people especially Thais, since they (we) prefer the mother tongue.


2. Catch up with any deal/discount offered

Keep your eyes on coming deals. This doesn’t mean to pick all things up but to wisely spend money on them.

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3. Finish a course of additional skills

Always try adding more skills for your life; cooking, simply car fixes, learn how to survive in disasters etc.


4. Focus on 3 most important things in your life

Firstly you might learn to set priorities for 3 simple things like getting a proper job, then dumping your weight down and getting healthier by exercise.

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5. Go for blood donation

Not only blood donation, but learn to give things/labour/time for making the better world is more important.


Do any charity giving away to your society, could be something else like donate things, money or funds to further uses

6. Be the boss.

Try to be your own boss. Not only a business to run, but it also means to your duties at work. Why not doing them like you are the owner?

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Perhaps, ask yourself if you an owner, will you hire a person like yourself?

7. 100- Baht (your currency) pocket money per a day

Fixing the amount of money per a day is for more self-disciplined in every single penny you spend on.


8. Make some expat friends

It’s a very common way. Just make new friends from other countries so that you can share new ideas or things to each other, yet take this benefit to learn language at the same time.


9. Share good tips

Share good ideas to other people which make life easier.


10. Make whatever you want to be true today

Don’t just think and leave it, but DO it today or regret.