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Lots of waterfront areas in Thailand offer travelers a great deal of nice staying during the vacation, whether riversides to gigantic reservoirs built around the country, from north to south, the waterfront views are waiting for their guests to witness. Boathouse or floating rooms are worth your visit.

Check these out, and make time for one or two or all of them.

1. 500 Rai Floating Resort Chiewlarn Lake Khaosok – Surat Thani

GPS 8.922121, 98.909754


2. Koh Mueangkarn Paradise View Resort – Kanchanaburi

GPS 14.359866, 98.911327


3. The Greenery Panvaree Resort – Surat Thani

GPS 9.353727, 99.292839



4. The Float House River Kwai Resort – Kanchanaburi

GPS 14.304047, 98.980453


5. Lake Heaven Resort – Kanchanaburi

GPS 14.430677, 99.125566


6. Ruknam Resort – Kanchanaburi

GPS 14.427066, 99.128732


7. River Kwai Jungle Rafts – Kanchanaburi

GPS 14.317823, 98.968756


8. Mountain Float – Chiang Mai

GPS 19.173960, 99.030420


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