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A 11D-9N trip in Japan is limited by the vacation days and even the budget, but the trip is long enough for many good-eye tourists to witness good things according to Japanese while they are travelling in Japan.

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Several hundred thousands of Thai people travel to Japan every of their vacation, especially during Japan’s spring, for Hanami and nice cooling climate while an escape from the fire of March-April’s days. Years after years, a lot of Thai people who ever visited Japan have realized how great the country is and lots of them have also apprehended the reasons why Japan is one among greatly developed countries. That’s because of as human, most of Japanese are holding great ethics and these below have been witnessed by Thai tourists.

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The greatly well-trained Japanese from the very first years of their lives are well-known. The experiences Thai tourists witnessed might be interesting for your next trips.

Let’s see what they have been through.

 In a line or queuing

1. Professionally standing in a line – with their realization of avoiding making trouble to others, they care about the space around them, not to make a wall to a shop nearby, not blocking the way.


2. Consciously and calmly standing – no playing like idiots in the line making stupid noisy to bother the others around there.

3. School students are queuing even an awaiting at a traffic light and a bus coming up.
They care for the others’ benefits as well.


At a traffic light

1. They are calmly alert.

2. Even no any vehicle on the road, they wait for green light.

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Service mind? Not “service mind” we might have experienced.

1. They work with their hearts. You may find staff (of a shop) are doing their best on the job. They packed things you bought with care about the weather outside if it rains or else.

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2. They realized that you were tourists and 4-5 of you might need only a piece of cheese cake to try. You might be offered 5 small plastic spoons and 5 tissue napkins from the staff.

Of course, she knew cuz she cares about things.

3. A staff on service never showed any bad feeling, unwillingness, laziness, or else badness in front of us.


Whaooo, very great business ethic.


On the trains

1. No talking, even on the phone. Time on the train is for calmly relaxing. PShhhsshhh


2. No need to offer a senior people your seat. They might be older, but they’re still fine and strong on their owns.



1. Ramen shops are not the place for hanging out. Look around, the others are also hungry.


2. At a hotel’s buffet breakfast, Japanese take food once with careful calculating it’s enough for oneself.

3. At the buffet breakfast, they take food calmly.


4. No taking food while walking. Stop in front of the shop or take the food/snacks your place and take it.


On the wheels

1. Driving with head and heart. No crazy/stupid/bully drivers found on the road, at least while we’re on the same road then.


2. Clean vehicles. They take good care of their vehicles even a large truck, or trailer.

3. No car parked wherever they wanted. We acknowledged eventually that a resident must own a space for parking their car before buying a car.


Because you care about the others. Many of us would like to thank you, Japanese.

Share us what good you experienced in Japan.

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