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Spring leaves us only lots of photo taken of flowers. In Thailand, it’s hardly called spring while some other parts of the world are walking through the season of flowers blossom along with colorful sceneries in warmer climates, yep so is Thailand, colorful with plenty of Thai Sakura, also called Wild Himalayan Cherry during Thailand cold season, Jan – Feb. That should be spring in Thailand.

When Sakura, or cherry blossoms of Japan, draw millions of tourists from other countries, Thais are among those to see them,but Thailand is on fire of hot season (Songkran). Obviously Thai people love cherry blossoms a lot so you would see they use “Sakura” to publicly and honorably identify some of Thai plants.


Let’s see what they call their domestic flowers, which they should be so proud of their own names, referring to some other nationally beloved flowers for some reasons.

Thai Sakura, Dawg Sakura Muang Thai refers to

1. Wild Himalayan Cherry, Thai name is Dawg Nang PhayaSeau-Krong means Queen of tigers. Dawg Nang PhayaSeau-Krongappear during cold season of Thailand in the forest of Northern. It’s such a nice time for flower lovers.


Thai media and many Thai people, with love in Sakura (maybe) call them Sakura muang Thai (Thai sakura).

Scientific facts:

Nang PhayaSeau-Krongor Wild Himalayan Cherry: Species – P. cerasoides, Family – Rosaceae, Genus – Prunus

Sakura or Cherry Blossom in Japan : Genus Prunus, yet Prunusserrulata in particular.

Whao !!!they are sisters.

2. Pink Trumpet Tree or ChompooPantip
With its pink walling seen around Thailand’s hot season or on-fire season during March – April, many call them Sakura Muang Thai (Thai Sakura), while its real name is ChompooPantip.


Scientific facts:
ChompooPantip or Pink Trumpet Tree: Species – T. rosea, Family – Bignoniaceae, Genus – Tabebuia.

It’s actually not Sakura.

3. Dawg Tiw-lip haeng Sa-yam or Siam Tulip refers to

With the look of the petals, Dawg Gra-jiao@ Pa HinNgam National Park of Chaiyaphum Province, is also known the Tulip of Thailand or honorably named Siam Tulip, Dawg Tiw-lip haeng Sa-yam.


Scientific facts:
Dawg Tiw-lip haeng Sa-yam or Siam Tulip : Family – Zingiberaceae, Genus – Curcuma, Species – C. sessilis

Netherlands Tulip: Family – Liliaceae, Genus – Tulipa L.
Oh, Siam Tulip isn’t sister to European tulips, but closest sibling to ginger (ขิง).


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