Naiharn beach, where the wonderful and peaceful hearts meet.

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Andaman Sea Phuket Naiharn beach Phuket Thailand

Spending time on the beach would be great for a guest not a residence, but a fisherman. As once a Phuket residence, I found Naiharn beach which was a hideaway sandy peaceful beach ones could simply fall for it. Beaches we love reveal us. I guess so. Walking, running or spending a morning with sea breeze of Naiharn is nothing one would deny. Not a very lengthy beach, but its serenity, zero noise of commercial chaos, create the beach a nice beach.

I was once there in a morning, saying hello to a black puppy wandering far from his place alone. No worries, Naiharn is all his place. A tiny red leather collar around his tiny neck told me his loving human might be walking around there. Trekked up a bit to the cliff nearby, homes to a huge wind turbine energizing some clean power to the island, you would find yourself looking farther to the Andaman Sea where the horizon is hiding away.


One could imagine how nice view revealed to the guests of the hotel on the northern cliff, and couldn’t help for a day-dream of spending time with the significant one witnessing the picturesque of the blue sea and cute sandy beach together.

Considering many beaches of Phuket dress up for party loving guests, Naiharn beach embraces a guest like me with her warmth arms and heaven-like touch where your smile unconsciously appear on your face. To many of her guests, walking along the beach is like roaming in a secret garden. Who knows it’s where the wonderful cool breeze meets peaceful surroundings? I once introduced her to a guest from a land faraway. He just walked wordlessly down to the waves of the afternoon, grabbed my hand. I believed I saw his grin and tranquilly bliss in his eyes, then he turned to me and asked if I will marry him.


I could say that this southern beach offers plenty of chances to find wonderful and peaceful lovely surroundings of the horseshoe-shape bay and a chance to be proposed.


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