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Travel by its Slogan: Phuket

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Phuket is not only one of Thailand’s tourist destinations, since it’s located in the Andaman Sea, surrounded by the blue water front and the Indian Ocean’s breeze, Phuket has also become one of the world’s travel destinations.

Phuket is said as Thai slogan that

ไข่มุกอันดามัน สวรรค์เมืองใต้ หาดทรายสีทอง สองวีรสตรี บารมีหลวงพ่อแช่ม

Romanized that Khai-mook Andaman, Sawan meuang-Tai, Haad-sai see-thong, Sawng Wee-ra-sat-tri, Baramee Luang Paw Chaem meaning Pearl of the Andaman, southern paradise, golden beaches, land of the duo of heroines and highly revered Laung Pho Chaem.

If you are asking what to experience in Phuket, let’s follow the slogan.

ไข่มุกอันดามัน – Khai-mook Andaman = Pearl of the Andaman –

There are hundreds of pearl farms along the beaches of the archipelago offering graceful gifts from the nature. While Hong Kong positions itself as the pearl of Asia, Phuket is giving nice breeze of the ocean and great tourist’s facilities and even for living.

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สวรรค์เมืองใต้ Sawan meuang-Tai = the southern paradise –

In-and-off-shore sceneries even under the sea of Phuket and the nearby islets are great. Not only for human, they are also sanctuary of marine creatures keep visiting and often being seen. Experience them.

หาดทรายสีทองHaad-sai see-thong = Golden beaches –

With warm and wide sandy beaches surrounding the islands, these places are where tourists spend great time from sunrise till sunset.

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The last things are great persons Phuket residents revere.

สองวีรสตรีSawng Wee-ra-sat-tri = land of the duo of heroines –

The sisters Lady Chan and Lady Mook were leading Siamese of then Phuket to fight with Burmese invading the land.

บารมีหลวงพ่อแช่ม Baramee Luang Paw Chaem = highly revered Laung Pho Chaem –

The then-abbot of Chalong Temple as the great spiritual leader while the war between Angyee-Rebellion, the Chinese workers of tin mine in Phuket and Thalang citizens. His holy crafts distributed to the citizens helped cheering up to beat the Ang-yee.



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