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Sticky Rice Proves She can be One of best Desserts

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Thai rice is among the world’s best rice breeds. The rice is not only for main courses, but desserts. We are talking about sweet sticky rice with mango that is definitely always on the list.

A combination of sweet ripe mango and glutinous rice (sticky rice) cooked in sweetened coconut milk makes a perfect match both for finishing a meal and taking it as snack.

With our grandmas’ wisdom, sweet sticky rice isn’t only meant to be with ripe mangoes, but it’s also nice to pair with other toppings.

Mango with sticky rice
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MThai English has brought here some more toppings that match perfectly with sweet sticky rice. Some toppings might surprise you how they well go with sweet sticky rice.


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Sweet corn


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Coconut cream pudding

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Instagram: guzt56

Thai custard (Sung-ka-ya)


Dried fish

Shrimp and shredded coconut


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