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Learning Thai : Place (Sa-thaan-thee)

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Learning Thai : Place (Sa-thaan-thee)

“สถานีตำรวจ” (Sathanee Tam-ruad) means Police Station


“สนามบิน” (Sa-naam Bin) means Airport


“สถานีรถโดยสาร” (Sathanee Rod Doey-saan) means Bus Terminal


“สถานีรถไฟ” (Sathanee Rod-fai) means Railway Station


“ธนาคาร” (Thanakhaan) means Bank


“ตลาด” (Talaad) means Market


“โรงพยาบาล” (Rong Phayabaan) means Hospital


“ร้านอาหาร” (Raan Aa-haan) means Restaurant


“ร้านตัดผม” (Raan Tad-phome) means Barber Shop


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