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7 Ways To Express “Awesomeness” With Thai Slang

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To express feelings of happiness is a good thing as a human. It would be better than that when we can express the feelings in the other spoken languages like residents of the cities we are visiting. Thai people, similar to many of nationalities, see their languages spoken by people from outside the countries. The visitors are becoming adorable even they aren’t giving appropriate pronunciation. MThai English has brought you 7 Ways To Express “Awesomeness” with Thai Slang.

*Just say the words alone, your expression of praise will be complete.

#1 “Laem leuy” แหล่มเลย, meaning “Awesome”

Laem comes with lower tone, means awesome. It originally variates from “Jaem” แจ่ม that literally means brightly clear. “Jaem” comes in lower tone as well. When it has become slang because of wrong pronouncing of a Thai male comedian, Ang Therd-therng, got spread fast, “Laem” started sticking on many of youngsters.

So when you see something or somebody is awesome, speak it out Laem leuy.

*leuy is pronounced the same way as Loei province. Without meaning but it’s used as a tail for expressing the feeling of what it’s tailed.



#2 “Sud-yawd” สุดยอด, meaning “Amazing / すごい”

Sud-yawd literally means at tip or “second to none”. When we want to express the feeling like Whao ! that can be the same thing to say “Sud-yawd”, mostly heard “Su-yawd leuy” (without D)


#3 “Rerd” เริด, meaning “Fabulous”

It equally means Fab in English. Of course, it is mostly said as female-like. “Rerd” is considered one of hyper corrective of Lerd เลิศ meaning value.


#4 “Jeng”
meaning “Brilliant / すごい”

Expressing “Jeng” is for something brilliant or sparkling. So it’s mostly used for ideas or thoughts or plans.

#5 “Dee-ngam”
meaning “Neat or Fineness / すごい”

Dee means good, Ngam means beautiful, fine. Dee and Ngam together are giving optimistic expression on something the speakers see the same way.

For example; A: “Let’s have Som tam Gai-yang after work.”

B: “Dee-ngam.”

#6 “Ngan-dee”
meaning “Well done / Well-built”

Ngan means work or job. Dee means good, well, great. “Ngan-dee” is used for expressing a “naughty satisfaction”. It’s rather used for girls complimenting boys or vice versa with sexual or naughty satisfaction on the persons.

For example; A: “Look at that guy.”
AA: “Whaoooo Ngan-dee”


#7 “Narak ah”
meaning “That’s cute.”

Narak means lovely, pretty, cute. The expression is used for offering face-to-face or strong compliment to persons. When we consider somebody was really cool to us with what they have done and we love the way the persons were doing/saying, we express “Narak ah”.

*Ah อ่ะ is a tail, without literal meaning.

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