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Learning Thai with Durian, Please Pronounce it Tu-Rian

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Both being loved and super-disliked fruit, yet people do not want to miss the train of its taste, Thailand’s durians make great reputations among lots of people, yet avoidance with a red sign of warning for tons of tasters. Durian, pronounce it Tu-rian, was found being stated in a chronicle of Simon de La Loubère, French Ambassador to Siam in the Narai the Great era. M La Loubère wrote in his record of event while the visit in 1687 that ‘Durion’ or ‘Tourien was totally well-known in this region and he also tasted a breed from an orchard in Bangkok. Whao !!! These days the fruit has been reputed as king of fruits and bred into so many breeds. Over 600 names of breeds were recorded so far, while only 4 breeds are well-known in the market of Thai fruits.

The best known breeds of Durian should be pronounced as below.


1. “Mawn –thawng” หมอนทอง, literally means golden pillow.

Mawn (with high tone) means pillows.

Thawng (with normal tone) means gold or golden.

Mawn-thawng is largest size among four breeds, 3 – 4 kg, with most square shaped durian breed. Mawn-thawng’s meat has nice dry texture, less sweet, but milky.

Caution (Kham-tdeuan): “Ya noon mawn bai nee.” Do not put your head on this pillow.



2. “Gaan-yao” ก้านยาว, literally means long branch.

Gaan (with rising tone) means branches of plants or something branchy. “Gaan” is mostly used with Ging also meaning branch as ging-gaan.

Yao (with normal tone) means long (in length). E.g. Sukhumvit road is 488.387 kms. “Tha-non Sukhumvit yao (official form “mee khwam-yao”) 488.387 gi-lo-med”

Yao is also used for time as lasting or yao-nan in Thai. For example 90 years of his love is very long. “Khwam-rak 90 pbee khawng-khao yao-nan mak”

Durian Gaan-yao is medium size with 3 kg. or less. Obviously rounded with smaller thorns than Mawn-thawng and the branch of a fruit of it is long. Gaan-yao is also tasty with balancing sweet and milky.



3. “Cha-nee” ชะนี, literally means Gibbon.

Example: Gibbobs are a rare wildlife. “Cha-nee pben (to be) sat-pba (wildlife) ha yak (rare)”.

Cha-nee, as slang, means women (comes with less or unfriendly sound). How come? It came out of a group of gay men in Thailand considered the meaning of husband in Thai, not Samee (polite), but “Pua”, which heard from Gibbons making that voice in forests “Pua Pua Pua”. ha ha ha yep, that’s it.

Durian Cha-nee is less medium to small, rather rounded with less meat.



4.Gra-doom” กระดุม, literally means button.

Sounded lovely? Yes, since Durian Gra-doom is very small, only 1 kg, with flat head and bottom and very small thorns. Gra-doom is very sweet one.

Durian is what you can’t take much. No matter how much you love it. Just 1-2 seeds at a time, and it’s strongly warned NOT TO TAKE WITH ALCOHOL, OK? GOT IT?


However, Bon appetite <3

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