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5 of Thai Essential Phrases to Survive in Thailand

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Just these 5 of Thai essential phrases to be used for ones to survive during their Thailand trips, are here for you to learn and use.

*The endings in Thai language are varied by genders. The endings to show politeness spoken in the current time are Kha for females and Khrab for males. Lady boys would say Kha as well.

**Thai language, like other languages, has classes to show politeness and groups of the people. Basically it’s 3 main groups; Royal family, Monk and People.

***Sometimes, ancient or old language is currently used.

**** First persons “I” in Thai is recommended omitting. FIRST PERSON IN THAI IS A REAL-HEADACHE.

Sawasdee – “HELLO”/ “HI” or “GOOD BYE”

Shorted for casual states: Wad-dee (Kha/Khrab)

Sawasdee/Wad-dee can be found in daily talks and for times in a day. The way Westerners or some other countries say hi in different times is unfortunately normally unspoken (not spoken language) in Thailand, but written.

Say it – Sawasdee/Wad-dee kha/khrab

Pbai gawn na / Pbai laew na – “GOOD BYE” (I’ve got to go.)

This is short forms of saying good bye. First persons “I” in Thai is unfortunately recommended omitting.

Say it – “Pbai gawn na / Pbai laew na kha/khrab” or “Pbai gawn na sawasdee kha/khrab” or Wad-dee (Phom/Chan = I) Pbai laew na (could be heard “Pbai la na”)


Khaw-thot – “EXCUSE ME/US” or “SORRY” / “(I) APOLOGISE.”

Can be heard Khaw A-pai.
Say it – “Khaw-thot kha/khrab…”

Khawb-khun – “THANK YOU”

Say it – Khawb-khun kha/khrab or Khawb-khun mak (a lot) kha/khrab


Chuay (me – Chan/Phom) duay/ Chuay (me – Chan/Phom) noi = “HELP (me)”

Say it – Chuay (Chan/Phom) noi (a bit) dai-mai kha/khrab? = “Can you help me?”
**** First persons “I” in Thai is recommended omitting. AGAIN!



When you don’t know what it’s going on or what a Thai just said.
Say it – (Chan/Phom) Mai khao-jai kha/khrab. This can be followed by Phood eig thee dai mai? (can you say it again?)

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