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To say something metaphoric in English by mentioning body-parts should be the same as found in many languages including Thai language. Those might be used and looking differently according to natures of the language. English could use as… as structure to tell something symbolically or else like you say Green thumb people to tell about the people as they are good gardeners growing plants. Cold feet refers to being nervous before something important or a big event. Thai language also has something like this.

MThai English has brought you some 4 Thai body idioms and their meanings.
Start with…

1. Hua dee – Good head means clever, brilliant or things like these.

Hua – Head
Dee – Good

“Yes, (khun nee) hua dee jing jing.” – Possible meanings could be
“Yes, you’re brilliant.”
“Yes, that’s a really good idea.” (really – jing jing)

2. Hoo bao – Slight weight ears means easily believe in what just heard or jump to conclusions just after once got one-side information.

Hoo – Ears
Bao – light-weight, less weight

“Khao hoo bao, cheua khon ngai mak.” – “He, unfortunately simply trusts in what he listened from somebody and jumps in conclusions for just the information.”


3. Paag-naag – Heavy mouth means difficult to speak in what should be spoken.

Paag – mouth or lips (Rim fee paag)
Naag – Heavy weight.

“Mai naa paag naag leuy.” – “I should have said it.” or “I should have not speechless like that”.


4. Meu-yen – Cool hands means good in gardening skills, good in growing plants.

Meu – Hands
Yen – Cool, cold [yen is also the evening time considered as the cooler time of the day; Tdawn yen – about 6 o’clock onwards]

“Phaw pom pben khon meu-yen, ploog tdon-mai geng, ploog arai gaw ngaam.” – “My dad has a green-thumb, any plant grows very well by his hands.”


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