blech detergent purify tan leather ซักฟอก ผงซักฟอก ฟอก ฟอกขาว ฟอกหนัง ฟอกเงิน

Learning Thai: Fawg is to purify

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We talked about Ta-giab, meaning chopstick, last time that the way to get bamboo-made chopsticks packed for once-use cleaned, in Taiwan reportedly used Sulfur dioxide to purify the chopsticks, which found over what its standard, which not the same situation in Thailand where the once-use chopsticks packed and found in the markets and restaurants have no over standard of Sulfer dioxide.

To purify things in Thai is Fawg ฟอก that there are some Fawgs in different meaning. Let’s see them here.

Fawg is to clean things.


Fawg sa-boo = to use a soap to apply the body or hands or your face just to clean them up.

Fawg khao ฟอกขาว = To blech or whiten things.

Fawg see = to bleach e.g. fawg see faan is to get your teeth polished and whitened.


Fawg ngern = to laundry money e.g. Khao Took Jaab Thaan Fawg ngern = He was arrested for his money laundry.


Fawg naang = to tan leather e.g. Gra-pao Naang Fawg bai-nee suay dee = This tanned leather bag looks nice.


Fawg can also be seen Saak-fawg that is simply used for cleaning or washing things. For example, Chao-baan saag-fawg seau-pa nai klawng nee pen pa-chaam = Villagers usually use the water in the canal to wash their clothes.

Saag-fawg is also an idiom to say you interrogate somebody by shooting them questions for them to answer and get themselves cleared. For example, Saw-Saw Paag (Paag Gaan-Muang = Politic party) Nee took Saak-fawg yang naag = The members of this (politic) party have been toughly interrogated.

One more word – Pong Saag-fawg = detergent. This word is rather formally used, while you can be hearing it Faeb in many areas of the country. Today, people use more liquid detergent or Naam-yaa Saag Pa. Saag-pa means to wash the clothes, or do the laundry.


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