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Learning Thai: Nang-fa Jam-laeng – Earth Angel (Will you be mine?)

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One of Thai idioms identifying a super- pretty lady who can jaw-drop men she walks pass, is Nang-fa Jam-laeng. This word is rather old-fashion one which was once kind of trendy for referring to all ladies on a stage of beauty pageants since they are all selected from normal look women to the contest. They are like angels visiting the earth with disguising themselves in the form of female bodies, yeah like that.


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โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Nadia Patta Wiruntanakid (@nadia_wiruntanakid) เมื่อ

Nang-fa Jam-laeng is from 2 words.
Nang-fa = angel (s)
Jam-laeng = magically disguise

Nang-fa Jam-laeng means the angels magically disguise to stay on earth pretending to be human women. It’s because they are too beautiful to be human women. Oh my god!!!

The meaning of Nang-fa Jam-laenghas changed to be slang nowadays.

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โพสต์ที่แชร์โดย Nadia Patta Wiruntanakid (@nadia_wiruntanakid) เมื่อ

Seen on some of news of conscription for army service (Gan Gain Tha-han (n.)) that there are many lady boys must join the units of Thai army’s conscription held every April across the nation to get Thai males joined the army service by blindly holding cards. Ones hold Black card (Bai Dam) can go home, while ones holding Red card (Bai Daeng) must join the service to be Tha-han Gain or the recruited ones. Yet the lady boys who have got a transsexual operation or even abreast-implant are omitted.


The lady boys who got their bodies changed as if females, meaning they Jam-laeng their bodies to be women.

That’s it.

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