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Bangkok-Chonburi Highway is one of the busy routes for the paths to Eastern industrial parks and some of agricultural products. Lots of trailers and the other automobiles pass the route to their different destinations and the drivers using this route for several decades all know where Amphoe Phan Thong, Chonburi Province is.

Recently, two trailers found they were having a good time by moving shoulder-to-shoulder or side-by-side on the road in the area of Amphoe Phan Thong, Chonburi Province. MThai English would to introduce the readers a Thai word, Gra-noongGra-ning, meaning as said – shoulder to shoulder yet in a romantic way or love-in-the-air side-by-side.


No one knows what those trailers were communicating.  Many reasons assumed by the people found and seen this post on social media are whether they must be having a romantic time, each trailer must be taken by a couple falling in love, yet many are angry with this since they experienced a bad time while using the road that they were blocked and had to be slow down for these “couple trailers” doing this as if they are the last people of the whole world.

What the police can do is what we have to wait and see.
Let’s see some examples.

Chan hen Preechayuth gab Anongnart dern jab meu gra-noonggra-ning tee Siam Paragon.

Getty Images

I saw Preechayuth and Anongnart walking side-by-side with hand in hand at the Siam Paragon.

Rot ban-took sawng khan nee khab pai gaw khui gan pai gra-noonggra-ning.
These two trailers are driving with a romantic moment together.

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