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Loei, one of Thailand’s provinces hardest pronounced in English, when you need to try pull your cheeks up a bit, your tongue tip touch your front teeth. Please do not make your lips in O shape. The best way, find a Thai who can show you how to pronounce it.

Loei is one of most fresh air homes in the country, offering great places and tourism facilities for ones looking for adventure and calmness at the same visit. The city is neighboring to NongKhai, UdonThani, NongbuaLamphu, KhonKaen, Phetchabun, Phitsanulok, which are also great places to visit.

Let’s see Loei’s slogan to hint what one can find in Loei.

เมืองแห่งทะเลภูเขา  MaungHaengPhu-khao  means a city with mountainous locations; PhuKradueng, PhuLuang, and PhuRuea.

สุดหนาวในสยาม Sood Nao Nai Siam means Loei’s climate is normally cool, yet it gets coldest in the winter. Loei offers nice weather for most of the time with beautiful floras scenery as

ดอกไม้งามสามฤดู Dawg-maiNgam Sam Reu-doo means all seasons (Hot, Rainy and Cold seasons) cute flowers surrounded.

ถิ่นที่อยู่อริยสงฆ์  Thin Thee-yooAriya-Song (not pronounced sawng) means Leoi, as a great location of forests and mountains, is home for great Buddhist monks practicing their owns staying far from bustling environment.

มั่นคงความสะอาด Maan-khong (not pronounced khawg, but Khong like the Khong River yet in normal tone) Khwaam-sa-aad means the city keeps its cleanliness.

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