10 Tricks Loosening Up Your Life in Thailand

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Thailand is one of the countries having their own ways to live. Foreigners are expected to be prepared before coming to the country

Many bizarre aspects of Thailand always puzzle its guests from worldwide.

Let’s have a look at 10 tricks helping you unlock the puzzles when you want to blend in with Thais.

#1 Take A Bath or A Shower

Locals say 3 seasons in Thailand are Summer, Super Hot Summer, and Super duper hot Summer. While Thailand’s average humidity is around 60 – 80%, it is leaving only body – odor, so at least, please take a bath twice a day.


#2 Always Carry Small Money

It’s easier for shopkeepers or taxi drivers to give you a change.

Cr. simadan.com

#3 Do Wear Appropriately During Temple Visits.

Please dress properly but good breathable outfits in the temple.

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#4 “Prik-Naam Pla”

Do not be surprised if you found Prik-Naam Pla or fish sauce with chili as a side-kick of many Thai dishes. A little bit of Prik-Naam Pla can boost your dishes more tastier. Yum!

#5 “Prik-gluer” Is Needed

Thais eat some fruits with salt mixed with sugar and chili powder, also some smelled sauces.

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By นางสาวเซาะกราว Via pantip.com
By นางสาวเซาะกราว
Via pantip.com

#6 Scent Only!

It’s OK if you do not want to chew those chunks of spices and herbs in Tom Yam, even some Thais found them too tough.


#7 Shoes Off Are Required

Especially, when you visit a Thai family, please take off your shoes before getting in the place.


#8 Ladies Are Expected Not to Be Around Monks

Even sitting next to a monk in the public transport, it is prohibited.




#9 Fak Is not F*ck

Winter melons or Fak in Thai is a name of the vegetable, not a dirty word.


#10 Feet on the ground

 It is extremely rude for Thais when you use feet do things like opening the door or pointing at things and people, especially at Buddha images.


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