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To easily discover Thai food, Khao gaeng is the one. Khao-gaeng shops are Thai cultural melting pots, where yummy menus are collected, when many shops are serving regional menus, best known one is Southern recipe (Khao gaeng Pak-tai). Thai curry with rice is not only found in Bangkok, where bustling lifestyle drives its people to spend more time at work or outsides their homes, but Khao gaeng is everywhere in Thailand.

khao gaeng shop 2 street view

Khao gaeng or Thai curry with rice is one of Thai street foods, which easily tasted almost every spot of communities and road-sides where people are travelling, Khao gaeng rim thang (road-side Thai curry with rice). One can stop the car at a spot to relax mostly at a gasoline station, food and souvenir shops all along the routes people are travelling. At such a place, some Khao gaeng shops could be there for travellers to choose one they prefer.

khao gaeng shop 3

Why Khao gaeng?

Khao gaeng is one of Thai street foods telling one thing matters to Thais. “Together”

The term ‘Together’ has some references as followed.

khao geang khun prem_mthai

Combo = Together

Combination of Khao – rice + Gaeng – curry and also…

Combination of Khao – rice + gab-khao – food eaten with rice

Khao (rice) is very basic food for Thai people and also other Asian people. Khao suay is cooked in a pot giving nice odor is one of the most welcomed dishes in Thailand. Rather hot cooked rice are served with food eaten with rice (gab – khao = with rice) the way Thai mothers do it for feeding their children.

Customers are coming to a shop of Thai curry with rice (Ran khao gaeng) with an expectation of variation of food (gab-khao) that they can make a good combination for themselves and their families. Many of Thai people are eating food cooked by the shops when they do not have time to cook or do not know how to cook themselves. Ran khao gaeng is also where they think about for they need fast meals, since it is not only inexpensive, some of them are budget, but the foods are ready there for quick meals.

khao geang khun prem_mthai 2


Combo = well together or get along with each other

When foods are there with rice (the first combo), it is the customers’ desire to choose and even match that means the foods must be get along one another.

Thai people are doing best match, nicely chosen. We know what Thai tastes are very well. Look what we get to a combination by these orders.

For the very first start of Thai curry shops, it was introduced to customers with rice + Thai curry. Eventually, it has been added by other Thai food for making blend in a meal.

What is Thai flavor? It is the taste of blend. You will be savoring whether salty, sweet, spicy, sour and oily with smells offering the better taste blended within a dish. Not every dish, but blending it the way Thai people keep in mind for food.

Not only sweet

Not only salty

Not only spicy

Not only sour

                               But blended.

How to match foods for a good combination

Sample 1

Rice + Khai palo (Sweet stew eeg and pork (or chicken) rather sweet + slightest salty) make a well combination with Pad prik khing (Stir fried pork with chili paste and string beans, spicy + salty + sweet) or even Khua-gling moo (pork) or neua (beef) (Southern dried curry of minced pork or beef).

sample 1

Sample 2

Rice + Gaeng som/ Kaeng som (Sour and spicy fish curry or soup) are going nicely with Thai omlet (Kai jiao, bland) or even Deep-fried cha-om (Climbing Wattle) leaves (Cha-om choop kai thawd, Bland)

kai jiao riceor rice with Swin
Cha-om choop kai thawd Cr.


doomenu net gaeng som
Gaeng som Cr.

Well, a small thing (song lek lek) also makes things get along is prik nam-pla (fish sauce + Thai chiles).

prik nampla bloggang pa clara
Prik nam-pla Cr. Pa Clara

Try to match some of them with blends.

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