11 Things Cesar Millan Keeps Telling About Pack Leaders

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Cesar Millan has been known as a Dog whisperer, running his a popular TV program in the same name, Dog Whisperer. Heard on the program that I have two missions, one is to confront the global issue of canine abandonment by giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance at life. Cesar Millan has become famous by his passion in dog training.

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Millan is also well-known worldwide with lots of fans in many of Asian countries.

He hopes that his work on TV will prevent the deaths of so many innocent dogs.

He has shared his knowledge and experience, which most of those are good for a dog owner.

Check these out.

#1 You are a dog (in human form).

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#2 Dogs respect

the pack leader


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3# There could be more than 1

pack leader

in the house.

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#4 It’s up to the owner’s energy to be or not to be

the pack leader


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#5 You could be consid

ered the BOSS (their pack leader).

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They are the BOSS (and you are only one of the pack’s members).

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It depends on your energy towards the dog. If they find you are weaker, they will act like a boss.


Walking dogs is what

a pack leader



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#8 Walking is a job that a dog must do.

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#9 A pack leader keeps calm, avoids drama and emotional.

A pack leader

doesn’t project emotional or nervous energy. Speaking with dogs doesn’t help.

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#10 Use your fingers to control your dogs.

A dog’s mother, as

a pack leader

, controls her kids by snapping in kids’ necks.

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#11 The best bed in the house is for only

the pack leader


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Your bed is not their beds. Do not let them sleep in the same bed as you.

Have the dogs to stay in their beds.

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