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Daryl Dixon

Is Hotter Than

Rick Grimes


Ranked by the Walking Dead’s fans in Ranker.com, a website ranking things including TV series and

The Walking Dead

is one of those that has been ranked up how much the series casts are adorable.

Rick Grimes

is all time beaten by

Daryl Dixon

.” implied the Ranker

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Dixon is the best Walking Dead character in every category ranking.

For example, under 30s, 30 – 49s and 50s and over rank


the best, so do both American and international audience. Voted by female audience,

Daryl Dixon

is absolutely number one, while Michonne is second. All male voters are ranking

Daryl Dixon


Rick Grimes


‘Daryl Fever’ has not just been found, it’s been for ages since the Walking Dead had been released. It’s been said among the fans that


is safe from the screenwriter’s pen. He must be survive till the end.

How come the guy with a crossbow,

Daryl Dixon

portrayed by

Norman Reedus

, has got all of the audience’s hearts?

MThai Inter has some answers. It’s because Daryl Dixon…


1. Daryl Dixon has a very good heart. He is a good guy.


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He cares how people are feeling. He cares and tries his best to help those people. Once he almost died while he was out alone in the wood to find the lost Carol’s daughter, Sophia.


2. Daryl Dixon has a character of limit education and lack of the family’s care.

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He needs hugs.

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Awwwwww! <3

Seen in several episodes, Daryl is sometimes wicked. The both lacks could have formed a heart in good and bad ways, but Daryl is never evil.


3. Daryl is an ‘actions-speak-louder-than-words’ guy.

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When Rick (with a huge responsibility on the group) is encouraged handling things slowly, but Daryl is always playing the part of the first hands to reach out.



4. Daryl is a hot humble guy.


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A humble guy is always being welcomed and when the humbleness comes with Daryl Dixon + a crossbow = very sexy. hot hot hot hot <3


5. Humble but Wise.

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Daryl is a wise young man, who learns fast and grows fast.


6. Daryl has Great spirit as a group member.

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Even he had lost with his only brother, Merle Dixon, since season 1 and found that Rick left Merle one-hand-locked on the roof accidentally, yet he let himself in Rick’s group without speaking backwards and has been giving a hand on everything with his good heart.




When you have Daryl, you have everything



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His skills on survival seen since the first season that he trapped a deer which eventually eaten by walkers. The skills he holds are kind of hard for people like us.

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Rick also needs his backup.

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You are Everything…Daryl

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Daryl is a bad-ass gentle man.

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Daryl is Daryl. He has manners, no pretenses. Look at the way he takes care of Carol and Beth, carry and feed Judith and even helped balancing Rick in his trouble moments.


9. Daryl is relatable by his intuition.

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No geeks, no texts, absolutely uncultured. He keeps things simple like the rest of us (audience) do.



10. Daryl knows what’s right and wrong.

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With his moral origin, he always takes the right side. And with Rick has played the part of a big brother, Daryl would be on Rick’s side, since he actually has no one in his life.



11. Daryl is sum of Hot-as-Hells.

Daryl case

and hot

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and hot

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And hot

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And even Hot


That is why he is hotter than Rick.