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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is undeniable that Thai people, in average, have nice look, even in recent years plastic surgery has been influencing lots of them, yet most of Thais have naturally nice appearance. 

Charming of Thai people is evidenced by 2 of our Miss Universe, Apassara Hongsakul in 1965 and Porntip (Bui) Simon Nakhirunkanok in 1988. 

They must have some what we call Thai beauty secrets. 


th-th facebook
Cr. th-th facebook – Porntip “Pee-Pui”

Thailand is one of the world’s 15th best looking nationalities and 3rd ranked in Asia for the nicest look, after Taiwanese and Japanese  by the following 

criteria to rank the world’s best looking nationalities reported recently, included…

How good is facial structure?

Do they have nice almond-nut-shape eyes?

Do they have nice skin?

Do they have nice shape noses?

Do they have nice bodies?

Are they charming with aura?

And did they have a plastic surgery?

“Natural” is also including their lifestyles that are dietary, which is producing nice things inside-out, natural-born artists that is eventually growing norms of how-nice a people should be and would want to be. Thais are also naturally taking care of themselves by the way they live their lives.

MThai Inter

has brought some clues of Thai beauty for you.

Thai cosmetic

Thais have their family beauty secrets of using things around them to get indulged. Many of Thai fruits and herbs are used for beauty the way seen in a spa, for example, turmeric or cumin, tamarind, aloe vera are used for skin renewal and helping for contouring and finest skin.

In the old times, and even today, a family’s beauty secret is still used.

fresh tamarind


(Makham) is full of soft acid that is a good cleanser. Why not try the mixed tamarind with warm water and milk then leave on the parts of coarsen, dry and unpleasant skin areas? Tamarind will get you refined skin.

bloggang pirunrum
Cr. bloggang pirunrum

Cultivated banana

(Gluay namwa) is a local Asian banana. The banana is good for digestion refining. Whenever you feel bad in your stomach, take some Gluay namwa, it will be better. For skin, Gluay namwa is softening and younger-looking your skin by using a banana blend it with 1 spoon of honey and apply the cream to your face, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes, then wash out with a little warm water.



(Mamuang) is helping some of skin problems; acne and blemish by using a ripe mango (yellow and soft), blend the meat with lemon juice and one spoon of marlstone, apply the cream to your face, leave it on for 15 minutes, then wash it out.

Turmeric, Root and Ground

Fresh turmeric

(Khamin sod) – The aroma oil or curmin is reducing bacteria’s growth, keep healthy look to your skin, while reducing acnes. Blend some of turmeric powder with marlstone with some lemon juice, apply the creamy turmeric to the problem skin, leave it on for 15 -20 minutes then wash it out.

There are more many local Thai herbs used in families’ beauty secrets. While what Thais are having daily, Thai dishes, are also healing and giving a good treatment from inside-out.


Thai food is full of herbs. Spices are normally used every Thai dish. Nothing is better than having food that is good for a living in such a hot country. Spices in Thai food are good for health and also for beauty. Let’s see what Thais have daily. Low calories dish with herbs, not very heavy with meat and balanced by veggies and herbs. The most favorite of almost every household is

Nam phrik

(fluid chili with some ingredients)

nam prik 1



Nam phrik

is one of ‘Thais-always-love and are familiar with. It is eaten with fresh vegetable. The main ingredient of Nam phrik is chili, red or green or even orange. Thais have Nam phrik with rice and some meat, mostly are roasted fish or chicken.

“We are what we eat” reminds me a funny thought of Thais are a mixed-material of veggies & flowers + some grains and protein of meats + herbs & spices.

Those are only some of Thai beauty secrets. Read more about Thai food and cultural stuffs here.