7 Thai recommended dishes to be taken while staying in Thailand

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A master of Thai herbal medicines and Thai food, Dr. Komsan Tinnakorn na Ayudhya, said once that we are supposed to take what locals take, so we can stay healthy in wherever we are.

“Once I was in Italy for a month. I was taking serious for what I had to eat daily. I chose Italian food, even though I was missing Thai food. That was for maintaining my body system in the different weather and environment.”

Local recipes are considered the best for regional living. Thailand has also obtained its old recipes to survive the living in the region. Located at 13°45′N 100°29′E, Thailand has a tropical wet and dry, while the south and the eastern tip of the east have a tropical monsoon climate. This has led ancient Thais or Siamese who have been living here created their own recipes just survive the climate.

Tom, Yum, Tum, and Gaeng dishes are recommended by Dr. Komsan for which they are suitable for ones locally staying here.

MThai English has brought some of the dishes recommended for your preferences.

Tom (boiled/soup)

for example; Tom Jeud Mara Yadsai Moo

// Stuffed bitter gourd with seasoned minced pork soup

Mara_Jey nong
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Tom Kha Gai

// Coconut soup with chicken

Tom kha gai

Cr. MThai

Yum (Thai salad)

for example;

Yum thua poo

// Wing Bean Shrimp Salad

Yam thua ploo_MThai

Cr. MThai

Som tum

// Thai papaya salad

Cr. Kasetsart University

Tum (chili paste/sauce)

Nam prik along with fresh vegetables

for example;

Nam prik Ga-pi + Pla too tawd and pak sod

// Shrimp paste with fried mackerels and vegetables.

nam prik kapi

Gaeng (curries)

Gaeng Liang Goong Sod

// Thai Spicy Mixed Vegetable Soup with Prawns

Gaeng Liang MThai
Cr. MThai

Gaeng Kiao Wan Gai

// Green Curry With Chicken

Gaeng Kiao Wan Gai
Cr. MThai

Enjoy !!!

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