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Yala is a great southern city. It was a part of Pattani province during the King Chulalongkorn’s reign before 1933, then it became a province.

The city offers forest and mountain scenes with a great city planning. It’s where peace embraced by Thais; Buddhists and Muslims.


Yala is a city you can find tranquility and rich of cultural living.

The city’s highlights are included the places and product below.

#1 Phra Mahathat Pagoda of Buddha Dharma Prapart

(Phra mahathat Chedi Phra Puttha-Dharma Prapart)

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Located :

on the hill near Betong at Putthathiwat Temple, Rattanakij Rd.

The Pagoda is glittering golden, with 39.9 m. of height, placed with Buddha’s relics. From Pagoda you can see beautiful scenery of temple and Betong.

#2 Piyamit Tunnel

(Au-Mhong Piyamit)

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Located :

Baan Piyamit 1, Tanoa-Maeroa District, take the road 410, just 16 km. from Betong.

This area was base of

Communist Laya II

in 1976’s where was builded a large maze tunnel into the mountain about 1 km. long and 50-60 feet wide. Tunnel has many exits as shelter and keeping provisions place. Around here there’re exhibitions show history’s pictures, Living in the jungle. Open daliy 08.00 AM. – 04.00 PM.

#3 Bang Lang Dam

(Khuean Bang Lang)

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Located :

Baan Bang Lang, Bacho District, take the 410 rd. off Yala city center for 62 km.

Bang Lang Dam

is a royal project of the Electricity generated by hydropower. It’s the first rock dam core clay filling in the southern (High 85 m., Long 422 m.), containing water 1,420 million cubic metre. A great view point is offered on its tip, where nature and wildlife are.

# 4 Iyer weng sea of cloud

(Talay mok Iyer weng)

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Located :

on causeway No. 410 km. 33rd, Entry of Than-Mali Village, Iyer weng District.

From the peak, you can see Iyer weng sea of cloud in the morning reach to 8 months in one year. This place has been just discovered in 2015.

Must eat :

Betong Chicken (Gai betong)

Cr. An An Lao (Chinese Thai Seafood Restaurant)

Betong Chicken

is a breeds of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, which you can enjoy its soft meat and good taste. The chicken are cooked in different menus, such as

Thai chicken rice

(Khao Man Gai),

Fried chicken

(Gai Thawd).