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India is unique of its charms on the beauty of places, culture and people. When it has been one of centers of western interest among South Asian countries, India’s Bollywood is one of the world’s greatest entertainment businesses with huge number of audience, not only Indians, but the world.

MThai English has been impressed by their charming actresses. We have reviewed the most popular actresses (2015) of the Bollywood with their beautiful faces for you to witness.


Sonakshi Sinha


born June 2, 1987, is an Indian actress in Bollywood.

Sonakshi-Sinha_MO_fashionlady in
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A traditional Indian look of


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Anushka Sharma



1 May 1988, is an Indian actress and film producer in Bollywood.

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traditional Indian look of


2anushka-sharma_tr_tajveez com
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Deepika Padukone



5 January 1986, is an Indian film actress and model.

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A traditional Indian look of


3deepika_farah-khan-ali_TR_ashahzadiaffair com
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Kareena Kapoor Khan

(after her marriage)

, born 21 September 1980, is an Indian actress (Bollywood).

4Kareena-Kapoor_MO_mid-day com
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A traditional Indian look of


4kareena-kapoor-Kundan-work-Kundan-jewellery_TR_metromela com
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Priyanka Chopra


born 18 July 1982 (age 32), actress and singer.

5priyanka-chopra-harpers_bollywoodlife com

A traditional Indian look of


5_timescity com

5_priyanka-chopra-in-indian-saree_sareez wordpress com
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Sonam Kapoor


born 9 June 1985, is an Indian actress


6_Sonam Kapoor_MO_myindianmovie com
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A traditional Indian look of


6_Sonam-Kapoor-at-India-Bridal-Fashion-Week_7colorz com
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#7 Alia Bhatt

, born 15 March 1993, is an Indian actress


7_Alia-Bhatt-Pardaphash_MO_pardaphash com
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A traditional Indian look of


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#8 Yami Gautam


born 28 November 1988, is an Indian actress working in films; Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.

8_yami-gautam_MO_hdpicswale in
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8_yami-gautam_santabanta com

Some traditional Indian looks of


8_yami-gautam-in-wedding_images77 com
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Awwww, you are so cute.

8_yami-gautams-hello-india-photoshoot-november_filmykeeda in
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#9 Bipasha Basu


born 7 January 1979, is an Indian actress appearing primarily in Hindi films.

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A traditional Indian look of


9_bipasha-basu_bollywoodvogue com
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#10 Shraddha Kapoor


born March 3, 1989, is an Indian actress (Bollywood) and singer.

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A traditional Indian look of


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